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Клиент Hide & Hold Out 0.01.70

Hide & Hold Out пиратка

  1. 0.01.70

    Here is the list of the notable modifications that come with the version 0.01.70!

    • The current anti-cheat system has been improved.
    • Trying to secure the ban command to avoid that anyone else but the admins can use it.
    • Command added to clean the ban list in-game (unban all).
    • The characters "<" and ">" cannot be used anymore in the chat.

    • FIXED: The containers (furnaces, braziers and storage boxes) don't disappear anymore when they are placed.
    • FIXED: Using the admin modes should stay active for the players who connect after that the modes have been enabled.

    All the players are invisible -> fixed, just restart steam to get the small update.

    The servers have to be updated as well!
    The official servers will be wiped with this update.
    This update mainly aims to limit the cheating problem until that a proper anti-cheat system is added in the next update.
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