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Клиент HurtWorld V2

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    • Added many new islands to Nullius map
    • Scaled mailand nullius down by 25%
    • Added Skoogler Creature
    • Re-added Antor hive with Antor Creatures
    • Added Bandril Creature
    • Re-added thornling Creature
    • Added Sabra creatire
    • Added Rafaga creature
    • Added Rocket pods attachment for Mozzy
    • Added 3 types of rockets (Mining, Combat and Raiding)
    • Added Iron Door
    • Added Iron Garage Door
    • Added Iron Floor
    • Added new teir of workbench: Fabricator
    • Added new metal Galvanite
    • Added Galvanite Pickaxe
    • Rebalanced how campfires work to not overheat you as much
    • Updated lighting in green biome
    • Added SAM sites around the map that fire at any occupied Mozzy where the pilot doesn't own the cell its in
    • Reduced the restrictions on territory control points heavily. Lockout is disabled, anything can now be built on them including beds and machines. Lastly nobuild surrounding them has been removed (might need to tweak this)
    • Extended territory control ownership system on islands to claim the entire island (and control of the SAM sites), he who controls the territory controls the whole island.
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