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Клиент HurtWorld V2

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    • Added Barra power boat
    • Refactored how loot drops during a helicopter crash. Now the mozzy corpse will collect all loot including player gear drops, amber claim and mozzy storage. Items will be dispensed on dissasembly. Death markers will only show where you died, not track your loot.
    • [MAP]Added 2 new town: Factory and Bandit Village replacing a bunch of duplicate towns
    • [MAP]Added NoBuilds back to the roads
    • [MAP]Added piers around the coast
    • [MAP]Patched a few Death Holes
    • [MAP]Fixed broken loot frenzy for jungle town events
    • Improved loot frenzy tier one loot
    • Fixed broken loot table in bandril
    • Improved protocol security
    • Reduced explosion audible distance
    • Fixed a bunch of sounds with the wrong falloff config (eg: pistol reload)
    • Fixed new animals having wrong name
    • Can no longer store heavy blocks in furnace
    • Fabricator should refund the correct item when wrenched now
    • GPU Queue should now have an effect again. Keep in mind it does affect latency and will make gunplay harder
    • Fixed description of item namer
    • Fixed totems drawing in front of walls sometimes
    • [SDK]Made map scaledown on build a configurable setting in level config
    • Added small iron door, small iron floor, iron triangle floor
    • Fixed protect all amber context menu not working if you had the exact amount
    • Fixed protect not being greyed out if you couldn't afford it
    • Fixed town events not showing up if you are already in the town when it starts
    • Fixed deep ocean biome freezing you regardless of if you were in water, now in boats and choppers you can keep mild gear on
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