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    • Added Talon Rocket Launcher
    • Added variable distance culling for vehicles allowing much longer draw distances on active vehicles
    • Fixed mozzy playing startup sounds when coming into range even if flying
    • Added steam trading cards, emotes and profile backgrounds
    • Improved anti rock exploit detection, enabled killing of players who are detected as well as reporting to developers.
    • Added end tier Asylum body kit for roach
    • Added a grace period where removing construction items will give a full refund to make construction mistakes free.
    • Construction attachments now must conform to a tighter grid, no more stacking walls 100 deep.
    • Added starter base deployment item to help new players get their first real base started with less risk.
    • Added new entry level construction hammer which can't be used outside owned terrain (with the exception of foundations)
    • Large pass on localization across many languages
    • Rewrote how impact effects are synced to other players. You should see correct impact types and positions for all impacts not just your own.
    • Rebalanced Mozzy Rockets (Mining rockets no longer damage players, Increased the cost of mining rockets, Increased the cost of Avgas, Reduced explosion radius on mining rockets from 7 to 5 meters).
    • Increased equip time for AR and SMG weapons from 0.25 to 0.5 seconds
    • Reduced engine volume on ground vehicles
    • Added Starter Base deployable
    • Added console variable StartBaseLimit (default 5)
    • Fixed door sound glitches and re-enabled door sounds
    • Added unique sound to metal doors
    • Added new sounds for storage chest and locker
    • Fixed exit position check on Barra that was being used to get inside rocks
    • Players will now slowy drown if logged out in water
    • Extended bitstream pool size for higher pop servers
    • Optimized server ItemObject allocation
    • Reduced owrong seed yield
    • Reduced detcap drop rate
    • Reduced yield from meteor showers
    • Fixed incorrect fabricator window name
    • Fixed missing pillar colliders on some town events
    • Metal doors now have correct material config
    • Mozzy rotor sound be easaier to identify direction
    • Reduced client vram footprint
    • Fixed rare boars not spawning
    • Added slightly different sounds for all types of explosions, including distance fade effects
    • New coat of paint on the main menu
    • Removal ghost for construction hammer doesn't show in cells owned by other people
    • Updated the volume attenuation curve to fade more smoothyl
    • Change default music volume to be audible
    • Fixed being able to look into bases by building very high in the air
    • Fixed projecties being incorrectly denied (blue hit marker) when clipping close to wall edges
    • Improved internal server DDOS protection
    • Re-enabled tether bow
    • Fixed fridge
    • Updated storage chest and locker sounds
    • Fixed upside down torch removal ghost
    • Added Bhop script protection
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