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    Удалена команда bakenavmesh используемая не по назначению.

    • Improved accuracy of IsInRock check, should result in less false positives
    • SendBufferSize can no longer be adjusted on the client
    • Improved accuracy of trap door / hatch overlap check on close
    • Vehicles now block doors from closing

    • Crash get up check now checks for machines as well
    • Added checks against players and machines for pillbox construction
    • Changed the is player inside rock check to run much more frequently
    • Fixed a bug in the configuration of the is door blocked check for the trap door hatch
    • Fixed a bug where construction items could be validated at one rotation but placed at another rotation
    • Updated StructureAttachmentDependency to check for dependent attachment points even in...

    • Instant kill triggers have been added to the border of the Diemensland map to stop players from wandering too far
    • No build colliders have been added to doors and the hatch preventing players from placing things inside their space while opened
    • Fixed a range of bugs related to crouch behaviour, player height is now synced with crouch state more reliably
    • Fixed the attachment dependency for the hatch, hatches will no longer destroy themselves incorrectly in unoccupied...

    • Plant placement validation has been reverted to previous behaviour
    • The collision mesh of the desert aircraft carrier has been fixed so it will no longer incorrectly report players as being in a rock while inside
    • The get up from crash check now also checks the stand up space against vehicles (can no longer stand up inside a vehicle)
    • When player movement is rewound due to an incorrect move, vertical velocity is reset to 0
    • Fixed a bug where emotes could get out of sync...

    • Inside rock check has been improved again to deal with a certain configuration of overlapping colliders
    • Added rock checks to machine placement
    • Added rock checks to players, if a player is found inside a rock they will be killed
    • Fixed construction volume checks on several machines and construction items
    • Added a raycast check when entering vehicles to check the path to the vehicle seat is clear
    • Vehicle crash positions have been made safer for the Goat and Kanga (or any...

    • Inside rock check has been made more robust and can deal properly with overlapping colliders
    • Added defensive checks for corrupted data during level loading, corrupted objects will be skipped over
    • Removed door overlap check on close from client. This prevents the client getting desyncronised from server
    • Improved construction validation checks on trapdoors and shacks
    • Fixed a bug with player colliders that could cause desyncs during player to player collisions...

    • Fix for spawning after having your sleeper killed. Will now correctly respawn you inside your shack or at your stake if possible
    • Patched up a small hole in the corner of the shack collider that people could use to access chests inside in certain setups
    • Fix for TimedEffectZones not working properly, should make Medusa Vine behaviour more consistent
    • Spear right click has been tweaked to make it a bit easier to flip over Goats
    • Fix for the camera clipping through walls at...

    • Sleeper objects have been added to the game. After disconnecting a fesh cube will be spawned into the world to represent your sleeping player. These cubes can be shot, hit, exploded and ran over like a regular player. When they die they will drop the same loot as the player would have if they were killed. Killing a sleeper will apply infamy to you as if you had killed a player
    • If your sleeper is killed you will be treated as dead when you next login, which will spawn you at...

    • Added Raid Drill, a new raiding tool craftable in the workbench. Attach this to structures, and insert gasoline and coolant, to slowly drill through the wall. Will sometimes jam, which will cause it to quickly heat up and require unjamming. Don't let the temperature get too high or the machine will explode!
    • Added structural decay - structures in unclaimed territory will slowly decay over time if they have not been modified for a given amount of time. Under the hood, a structure...