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Патч Rust x64 2242>2245

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  1. 2155>2155.2

    • Улучшена производительность.
    • Исправлено зависание при крафте.
    • Исправлено освещение на нефтяной вышке.
  2. 2153>2155

    • Исправлена ошибка, когда NPC появлялись на платформе в то время, когда там еще есть игроки
    • Исправлен звук закапывания тайника во время захода игрока на сервер
    • Еще одно исправление проваливающихся тел игроков
    • Волны теперь более реалистичны и оптимизированы
    • Рюкзаки теперь не тонут
    • Ряд исправлений эксплойтов
    • Исправлены ошибки со звуковой сигнализацией
    • Улучшения плавучести игроков и лодок
  3. 2151.2>2153

    • Linux uses Vulkan graphics API (-force-vulkan to use Vulkan on Windows)
    • Mac uses Metal graphics API
    • Deep sea waves with crest foam affecting floating physics
    • Water interaction disturbance foam
    • Restored world reflections option
    • Fixed muzzle flash positions
    • Fixed client side corpses sometimes clipping into things
    • Fixed foam showing up near player
    • Fixed flickering on shore, including cases related to TSSAA
    • Fixed overbright caustics and specular occlusion on...
  4. 2050>2151

    • Мелкие исправления.
  5. 2140>2150

    • New Hemp Plant Refresh
    • New Palm Trees in Arid Biome
    • Iterative entity networking (fixes frame rate drops when moving around the world)
    • Custom garbage collections (fixes frame rate drops when moving or in combat)
    • Added Mini Helicopter
    • Added Flasher Light
    • Added Siren Light
    • Added Audio Alarm
    • Added RF Broadcaster
    • Added RF Receiver
    • Added RF Transmitter
    • Added RF Pager
    • Added Player Sensor
    • Added RAND Electricity Component
    • Added Chinese New Year...
  6. 2138>2140

    • Fixed snowmachine blocking cave entrances
    • Fixed upkeep consuming more resources than intended
    • Removed large double caves [Hapis map]
    • Removed Christmas events
  7. 2137>2138

    • Enabled Christmas content
    • EAC SDK update
    • Fixed some M39 sounds not playing
    • Batteries have less capacity but higher charge efficiency
    • Fixed batteries not being able to be wired in series
    • Batteries must have at least 5 seconds of juice to begin discharging
    • Root combiner can be chained with other root combiners
    • Added short circuit detection to root combiner
    • Lowered solar panel power output to 20
    • Solar panel power output scaled by health
    • Fixed...
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  8. 2126.5>2137

    • Added electricity
    • Added 17 electrical components
    • Added Wire Tool
    • Added M39
    • Scientist movement is slower when walking sideways or backward.
    • Scientists at the Cargo Ship should no longer move super fast under certain conditions.
    • Fixed some anti-hack issues that could cause projectile_invalid
    • Fixed hot air balloon push through object exploits
    • Fixed ore spawn issues on custom maps with certain biome distributions
    • Fixed melee anti-hack issues when parented to...
  9. 2121>2126

    • Added Hot Air Balloon
    • Added SAM Site
    • Temporary game ban support
    • Added Cargo Ship loot respawns
    • Added wind option to generic shaders
    • Sleeping in Safezone no longer permitted by NPC guards.
    • Fixed anti hack issues when jumping off moving entities
    • Fixed multiple ladder exploits
    • Fixed network interpolation jitter shortly after spawn
    • Fixed network interpolation jitter on physics props
    • Fixed tool cupboard exploits using shelves
    • Fixed out of control pumpkin...
  10. 2112.4>2118

    • Added Cargo Ship Event
    • New navigation technology for Scientists to move on a moving Cargo Ship.
    • Added ability to turn monument lights only during a time frame
    • Added parented entity movement
    • Added custom LOD support for moving objects
    • Added Burlap Gloves
    • Added Roadsign Gloves
    • Added Tactical Gloves
    • Added L96
    • Added 8x Scope
    • Scientist on the bridge outside of Military Tunnel is not as accurate with his pistol.
    • Scientists at Military Tunnel has slightly...