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Обновление] GRAV (Patch 14.1)

Тема в разделе "GRAV", создана пользователем KosiakS, 14 апр 2015.

От KosiakS 14 апр 2015 в 09:39
  1. KosiakS

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    Команда форума

    11 ноя 2014
    All new building set added! Wood and stone based 'Frontier' rooms are now available!
    New Planets have been spotted! Check your mid level stargates for the new Desert Planets
    New SunStone Armor set, and SunStone based weapon (SMG) have been added!
    New Resource type 'SunStone' added!
    New Plasma Armor set added!
    Fixed some server lag issues stemming from world data saving too frequently
    Other server lag optimizations
    If a base item is destroyed outside the range of a data recorder, you will still see a message that it was destroyed in the player log.. you just won't see who did the deed.
    Updated Italian localization text
    -SHOUTOUT: dreymix. Thanks for such a quick turn around!

    All area levels and caves have been re-rolled to fix issues with starting area level deltas

    WingSuit Activation stamina cost dramatically reduced
    Added some delay between spawns on loot crates

    Fixed memory leak affecting servers and single player
    Fixed floodlights being brighter than intended
    Fixed OMCR rooms not working as intended when stacked on other objects
    Fixed an issue allowing high level areas to be too near low level ones
    Fixed beacons being destroyed on server/single player restarts
    Fixed backpacks saving themselves every frame after a while causing terrible server lag
    Fixed one of the new desert planets not having a name set
    Fixed issues with plasma Armor not showing up in Armory
    -SHOUTOUT: Zero and HekatonCheires

    New Emotes Added (charge, and armstretch)
    A New Dance Added
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