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Stable Обновление HurtWorld

Тема в разделе "Обновления", создана пользователем KosiakS, 15 ноя 2016.

От KosiakS 15 ноя 2016 в 14:31
  1. KosiakS

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    11 ноя 2014


    Перед скачиванием с MediaDisk читайте инструкцию!

    Список изменений:

    • Vehicle depenetration force has been increased
    • Door closing logic has been changed so collider only turns on clientside at the end of the close method after passing an overlap check
    • Door prefabs have been resized to remove game object scaling and also slightly increase collider size
    • Crafting categories scroll menu now correctly resets on opening the crafting window
    • Increased size of radiation zones in the salt flats of Diemensland so the corners are no longer safe
    • Reduced interaction trigger size for Kangas and Goats
    • The get up method of the crash vehicle has been made more robust, the size of the capsule check has been increased to full character height and an additional inside geometry check has been added
    • When vehicles are disassembled passengers now correctly check for legal vehicle exits rather than exiting at the vehicle root, if no legal exits found (ie. they are all blocked) the passengers are killed
    • Vehicle drivers now correctly receive infamy when running over players
    • Fixed bug that was causing community servers to be sorted incorrectly when sorting by descending player count in the server browser
    • CharacterControllers now check against large unexpected changes in position and rewind when needed
    • CharacterController position corrections from the server now occur over a larger time frame
    • Wheel sleep colliders have had their bounciness removed
    • The right click push on spear items has been reduced in power and is now affected by the weight of the pushed object
    • An option to change the display has been added to the options menu under Options > Graphics > Resolution > Display Number

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