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Experimental Обновление HurtWorld

Тема в разделе "Обновления", создана пользователем KosiakS, 10 июн 2018.

От KosiakS 10 июн 2018 в 19:28
  1. KosiakS

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    Команда форума

    11 ноя 2014


    Список изменений:
    • Default map changed to Diemensland
    • Added new loot frenzy town event type
    • Vehicle panels are permanently attached to chassis once again
    • Vehicle wheels no longer take damage separately, they cannot be destroyed and pass on damage to the vehicle instead
    • Players can now claim a vehicle of each type (goat, kanga, roach)
    • Fixed a long standing bug that would cause Kanga to not turn after being picked up off the ground for a few seconds.
    • Vehicle beacons now respawn a dead claimed vehicle, they cannot be placed if you don't own a vehicle of that type or it isn't destroyed
    • Players can self destruct vehicles they own, this timer can be started from the character options window
    • The goat spawn beacon will auto-claim the dropped goat if the player does not currently own a goat
    • Vehicle disassembly wrench added to vehicle crafter
    • Added vehicle engine unstable upgrade extender, this fragment costs nothing to apply and has a 50% chance of adding an extra upgrade point, if this fails the engine is destroyed instead
    • Removable vehicle parts can now be dismantled into scrap
    • Added vehicle protection and fuel efficiency fragments
    • Vehicle window now displays the vehicle destroy timer, if the vehicle is unowned the player is shown a button to reset this timer
    • Vehicle window now displays the chassis item so it can be recolored and masks can be applied
    • Added tooltip for mask storage to show what mask is applied to an item
    • Vehicle panels are now customisable (colorable) and are colored separately
    • Vehicle air drop accuracy massively increased
    • Recurve and fibreglass recurve bows can now be recolored
    • Updated vehicle air drop beacon graphics
    • Roach and kanga chassis spawn in the world, these vehicles have to be collected once again and can no longer be purchased (goat is still available for purchase)
    • Vehicle gearbox stats have been pushed into engines and there is now just one type of gearbox per vehicle
    • Removed random customisation for AR15s and AWMs, these items will now always start with their default look
    • Removed random customisation for vehicles, vehicles will start out with a default look
    • Increased effect of traction stat + baseline traction increased for all vehicles
    • The kanga and goat are now more forgiving and harder to crash.
    • Fixed an issue where vehicle chassis were failing to pass their assigned mask onto the other vehicle attachments
    • Fixed an issue with spawn mutators trying to incorrectly create items when loading from a saved game

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