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Обновление Rust 2057 за 27.02.2018

Тема в разделе "Обновления", создана пользователем KosiakS, 9 фев 2018.

От KosiakS 9 фев 2018 в 08:32
  1. KosiakS

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    Команда форума

    11 ноя 2014

    Список изменений:
    • Added Frog Boots, My Dudes.
    • Added new trees
    • Added Road Exploration Tutorial
    • Added Workbench Tutorial
    • Added Research Tutorial
    • Section Names for each tutorial instead of "task list"
    • Added Pickles, with a chance of botulism
    • Improvements in lighting process/ Higher IBL contribution
    • Post Processes and LUTs refresh
    • Visual upgrades on the world generation (terrain, rocks, foliage and lot more)
    • Improved overall terrain splat mapping
    • Higher Densities of Icebergs and Icesheets
    • Optimized foliage system with a lot of different foliage types
    • Vm animation updates
    • Netting costs 1 Rope instead of 3
    • Fire arrows cost 2 cloth instead of 10
    • Scientists have reduced accuracy
    • Changed default server information image
    • Loot Barrels now drop 2 Scrap instead of 1
    • Double Metal Door now default blueprint
    • AK47 horizontal recoil kicks in faster
    • Aim Sway inactive for several seconds after a shot
    • Melee tip hides sooner
    • Fixed some streaming sound related performance spikes
    • Fixed missing mesh references on skinnable items
    • Wild Animals now spawn in biomes and terrain that fits their environment
    • Fixed inaccurate upkeep time on the tool cupboard
    • Fixed doors not decaying when their upkeep was not paid for
    • Fixed harbors not spawning correctly
    • Fixed hilltop rocks sometimes overlapping monuments
    • Fixed various small world generation issues
    • Workbench Experiments can now reveal ammo types
    • Fixed Garage Doors taking splash damage
    • Fixed task list not displaying under some resolutions
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