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Rust 2223 за 7.05.2020

Тема в разделе "Обновления", создана пользователем KosiakS, 8 май 2020.

От KosiakS 8 май 2020 в 02:06
  1. KosiakS

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    Команда форума

    11 ноя 2014

    Список изменений:
    • Added farming vendor to Hapis Island outpost
    • Added new Powered Water Purifier
    • Added new Fluid Combiner
    • Added new Water Pump
    • Added night vision goggles
    • Added electric Heater
    • Fixed research table deployment at harsh angles
    • Fixed Compound "Extra1" vending matchine incorrectly reverting to weapons
    • Fixed being able to loot power plant puzzle loot through a gap in the window
    • Fixed players getting stuck on train yard and water treatment plant rooftops
    • Fixed large and small candles being destroyed when placed on top of a deployable
    • Fixed Monument SAM sites been destroyed with melee weapons & tools
    • Fixed tooltips being able to go off the side of the screen (most noticeable on Respawn button)
    • Fixed slight rounding error on campfire water purifier conversion process
    • Fixed some incorrect information when mousing over IO ports on Fluid Switch
    • Fixed electrical battery not draining after a server restart in some cases
    • Fixed ch47 not dropping crates on land
    • Fixed being able to loot airdrop crates with minicopter
    • Fixed wheeled vehicles not being able to drive or fly into the Launch Site lowered area
    • Fixed players attempting to swim when mounting vehicles that are underwater
    • Fixed minicopter using the hot air balloon decay time value instead of its own
    • Fixed Gas Station fridge door being positioned incorrectly at lower LOD, and having no collider
    • Fixed edge case that caused roadside monuments to spawn upside down
    • Fixed 14 exploits and vulnerabilities
    • Oilrig hackable crates now inside red keycard puzzle area
    • No longer able to bypass monument puzzles using helicopters
    • Updated bootstrap loading UI
    • Hitting food boxes no longer flags the player as hostile
    • Drop boxes are now destroyed correctly when deployed near rocks
    • Solar panels now decay when placed outside building privilege
    • Sprinklers now decay when placed outside building privilege
    • Chairs now decay when placed outside building privilege
    • Red key card can now only be used twice
    • Sprinklers will now add wetness to players
    • Sprinklers will now put out fires
    • Sprinklers can now be powered by salt water (will have same effect as splashing salt water)
    • Added fluid input/output ports to campfire water purifier
    • Combined power on/off electrical inputs on Fluid Switch & Pump into a single Toggle input
    • Water Jug now holds 5000ml instead of 4000ml
    • Improved visual states on Fluid Switch (powered/unpowered/on/off)
    • Hardiness genes now boost temperature happiness
    • Removed "unknown genes" and gene display from consumable item info panel
    • Increased minimum temperature inside a planter box
    • Increased growth and yield gene effectiveness
    • Lowered optimal water saturation amount for planter boxes
    • Enabled incremental GC on Linux servers
    • Smoke grenade available at compound once again
    • Changed default string handling to only allow safe strings without control characters
    • Faster server entity hiding
    • Faster server file storage
    • Enabled Linux server incremental GC
    • Projectile frame rate is now independent from the physics frame rate
    • Habor monuments now have triple the barrel spawns and oil barrels.

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