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Rust 2306 за 5.07.2021

Тема в разделе "Обновления", создана пользователем KosiakS, 2 июл 2021.

От KosiakS 2 июл 2021 в 04:30
  1. KosiakS

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    Команда форума

    11 ноя 2014

    Список изменений:
    • Added Voice Props DLC Pack
    • Added circular train tunnel stairwell piece
    • Added crawling state when wounded
    • Added Countryside Tunnel Entrances
    • Added Tree Birds
    • Added Cassette Recorder (DLC)
    • Added 3 lengths of cassette (DLC)
    • Added Boom Box (DLC)
    • Added Portable Boom Box (DLC)
    • Added 3 dance gestures (DLC)
    • Added Megaphone (DLC)
    • Added Microphone Stand (DLC)
    • Added Music Light (DLC)
    • Added Music Lasers (DLC)
    • Added Disco Floor (Multiple variants)(DLC)
    • Added Connected speaker (DLC)
    • Added Mobile Phone (DLC)
    • Added 7 achievements (DLC)
    • Added DLSS
    • Added Render scale options
    • Added some requested cubes for map makers /modding/cubes
    • Fixed "Lost Soul AR" skin
    • Fixed "Chocolate Egg" skin
    • Fixed damage sometimes not applying to elevator passengers, stating "player_distance" in combat log
    • Fixed If players recover from being wounded, they can't get wounded again within one minute
    • Fixed invisible nametags at certain angles
    • Fixed Huge wooden sign no longer breaks after upgrading and rotating wall
    • Fixed fireworks not firing due to server side budget issues
    • Fixed compound missing catcher catcher
    • Fixed unable to click drink icon when overlapping with the box
    • Fixed Lost Soul AR 42106 / 2426264628 Chocolate Egg 42200 / 2439077520 skins
    • Fixed admins getting kicked when logging out under terrain
    • Fixed invalid shots while players were using lifts
    • Fixed Minicopter "push" appearing whilst mounted
    • Fixed bear LODs
    • Fixed tabbing F1 menu cycling
    • Fixed 'nowgao' in contacts UI
    • Fixed players mouths not moving when voice chatting
    • Fixed players sometimes glitching into the WorkCart cabin
    • Train tunnel stairwells and elevator shafts are much shorter
    • Train tunnel entrances no longer have to rotate after placement
    • Rowboats are now easier to flip back over by pushing
    • Updated Primitive Lootbox Sound
    • Airfeild Monument AI
    • Train yard Monument AI
    • Binoculars only show nametag pips during the day
    • Reduced nametag pop-in delay
    • Enable kicks for inside terrain antihack
    • Stricter inside terrain antihack
    • Hitch & trough can now be placed down narrow triangle passages
    • Disable alt cursor outside of demos (spectate)
    • Improved AI Responsiveness when the server is under heavy load
    • Improved Rowboat flip
    • Shore flickering

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