Fortify Update 124

All the industrial components are in, sorry for the delay but this was a ton of work.
It isn't the full simulated industrial system like electricity in Fortify, that would be a whole new DLC worth of effort. Instead of that, placing pipes is an addition to the electric upgrade DLC. Thank you to those who have supported me with that extra purchase.

Added industrial conveyor, crafter, splitter, combiner and storage adaptor.
The crafter and conveyor can be turned on/off and the conveyor has filter pass/fail toggles plus all the electric inputs are functional.

Added pipe placement with mesh pipes that have curved bends matching Rust.
Includes a collider check to prevent placing through building blocks and includes the "too close" length minimum. Planning on adding a joint counter and pipe flow materials soon.

Pipes also block building placement which can be ignored with allow overlap > blocks in placement options.
This will need more work, another reminder that the building block collider system needs some improvements.

Other Changes:
  • only compatible(in/out) IO cubes show while using wire tool
  • minicopter mouselook limits increased
  • patched in the electric furnace shortly after the last update
  • updated small box and oil refinery model
  • fixed cupboards being flipped with copy-paste files
  • bag/bed visual range fix
  • Like
Реакции: nukedrust
  • Added short ice wall
  • Added placeholders for all garland types, meant for importing/exporting copy-paste files
  • Siren lights are now animated and look closer to rust
  • Test generators now show usage for all outputs
  • Fixed missing usage for auto turret and SAM outputs
  • Fixed low walls not getting side stability
  • Fixed a bug with undo and auto turrets with a selected gun
  • Wooden shopfronts now open/close and can have code locks
  • added igniter that only ignites fireworks currently
  • added working mortar fireworks, click to ignite when not in edit mode
  • improved workshop item buttons with much faster list loading, subscribed items are now ordered by date added
  • walls are thinner by a very very tiny amount to make this possible without using allow overlap
  • stairs now have a proper mesh collider for placement on
  • added visible trigger areas for shotgun trap and igniter, flame turret will be next
  • fixed half height floors not having stability
  • changed the mini/transport helicopter colliders to match their shapes instead of the larger "building blocked" collider used with Rust prefabs
  • added FPS limit field in options, default has been 60
  • faster mouse wheel scroll speed in place panel and file list
  • improved aim when using 3rd person in raid mode
  • device name appears when mousing over (not just the IO cubes)
  • fixed a usage bug with branches
  • fixed splitter bug when it has less than 3 power
  • IO power text is now updated every second
  • IO cubes take a second to hide after mousing away
  • added medium battery and updated battery panel UI
  • added extra switch inputs for toggling it on and off
  • added RF pager list, see any active frequencies
  • laser distance is properly set on placement now, click it to check and set distance
  • fixed a bug with saving wired connections after saving the scene as a json file
  • placement rotation now saved separately when switching from build/place menu
  • fixed bug preventing using scroll wheel in file list
  • fixed wire highlight material when using MSAA
  • camera speed controls now affect 3rd person mode
  • added mesh collider for shotgun trap, easier to click around
  • fixed some pink materials
  • fix for dark water bug
  • merging and copying includes any wires
  • fixed align bug with wires
  • audio alarm button was spawning wrong prefab
Electric Stuff
  • added tesla coil with particle effects
  • added animated wire flow material, can be toggled
  • updated large battery model
  • fixed a bug that can occur with devices having two inputs leading back to the same splitter
  • fixed a bug with battery discharging not being stopped by blockers in certain situations
  • fixed a bug with exiting wiring mode and the placement deployable not appearing
  • pads and lasers now consume 1 power

Other Changes
  • transport heli added
  • changed the tool cupboard radius toggle, click structures to see the TC radius of each
  • added a structure selection tool in edit mode, this can be used with the resource count using the "selection only" option to get the different upkeeps for multi-TC designs
  • changed folder tabs in the file list so now the main button toggles showing the folder contents and clicking the folder icon selects that folder as the save as location
  • added a new cull layer system to help with performance, smaller models are now removed at distance
  • added tech trash to resource count
  • fixed a bug with graphic settings not being applied to the 3rd person camera
  • finally figured out why the camera rigid body was sinking in 3rd person
  • fixed spinners being flipped when placing
Electric Stuff
  • auto turret (sentry) is now electrically powered and has other features from the latest Rust update
  • fuel generator added, fuel level can be set on it's panel
  • battery charge amount can be set
  • fixed bugs with electric parts after using stability mode
  • the IO panel shows the connected device name
  • wind turbines now use the max Rust power at that height
  • the large battery model changes will be patched in soon
  • The copyPaste plugin currently has a missing wires issue after the Rust update.
Other Changes
  • edit mode has an option to save selection when exiting mode
  • added the hanging signs
  • camera speeds can be set with F1 - F3
  • menu keyboard shortcut now customizable
  • hitch n trough can be placed on floors
Placement Options
  • new option to disable the LMB down auto-placement (no more unintentional foundations)
  • Free Place has been combined with the No Height Limit option and now allows foundations to be stacked (Allow Overlap is also needed) for you few conan players
  • Free Place also brings back the old pillar button
File list changes:
  • new Add Folder button, use the text input below to name it, adds sub-folders to the Saves folder
  • folder contents are now minimized by default, the arrow next to the folder name controls this
  • click a folder to make it the file destination when using Save As
  • Load and Load JSON buttons have been removed, this was a weird system that was added to prevent accidentally losing work
  • added a warning panel to confirm loading, might make this optional?

Other changes:
  • door controllers now pair with doors on adjacent frames like in Rust, this might still need tweaking
  • fixed a bug preventing workshop publishing
  • fence doors now open/close like the rest
  • moved switch box lights out to be easier to see
  • place under water barrels change from latest Rust update
  • fixed a rare bug with roof walls not halving
  • build part shortcuts (1,2,3 etc.) switch from place menu
  • XOR / AND switch don't take power
  • can't use combiner with large battery
  • fixed battery charge rate not being affected by input power
  • added wall and floor frame
  • added hatch and metal double door
  • adjusted colliders to help with double wall building
  • added lots of new materials for placeables
  • added panel for displaying/saving door codes, can only add codes in edit mode
  • added new frame parts to resource count, along with shelves
  • hide floor mode now shows floor number, added tab button under arrows to jump to 1st floor
  • set target frame rate to 60
  • roof collider changed for more intersecting placements and disabled side wall placement
  • large furnace collider height reduced
  • reduced small furnace collider radius
  • fixed doorway collider issue when placing adjacent
  • disabled all shortcuts while using save input
  • changed lighting settings