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Fortify 1.634

3д проектировщик баз в RUST

  1. 1.621

    • added igniter that only ignites fireworks currently
    • added working mortar fireworks, click to ignite when not in edit mode
    • improved workshop item buttons with much faster list loading, subscribed items are now ordered by date added
    • walls are thinner by a very very tiny amount to make this possible without using allow overlap
    • stairs now have a proper mesh collider for placement on
    • added visible trigger areas for shotgun trap and igniter, flame turret will be next...
  2. 1.618

    • added medium battery and updated battery panel UI
    • added extra switch inputs for toggling it on and off
    • added RF pager list, see any active frequencies
    • laser distance is properly set on placement now, click it to check and set distance
    • fixed a bug with saving wired connections after saving the scene as a json file
    • placement rotation now saved separately when switching from build/place menu
    • fixed bug preventing using scroll wheel in file list
    • fixed wire highlight...
  3. 1.617

    Electric Stuff
    • added tesla coil with particle effects
    • added animated wire flow material, can be toggled
    • updated large battery model
    • fixed a bug that can occur with devices having two inputs leading back to the same splitter
    • fixed a bug with battery discharging not being stopped by blockers in certain situations
    • fixed a bug with exiting wiring mode and the placement deployable not appearing
    • pads and lasers now consume 1 power

    Other Changes...
  4. 1.616

    Electric Stuff
    • auto turret (sentry) is now electrically powered and has other features from the latest Rust update
    • fuel generator added, fuel level can be set on it's panel
    • battery charge amount can be set
    • fixed bugs with electric parts after using stability mode
    • the IO panel shows the connected device name
    • wind turbines now use the max Rust power at that height
    • the large battery model changes will be patched in soon
    • The copyPaste plugin currently has a...
  5. 1.615

    File list changes:
    • new Add Folder button, use the text input below to name it, adds sub-folders to the Saves folder
    • folder contents are now minimized by default, the arrow next to the folder name controls this
    • click a folder to make it the file destination when using Save As
    • Load and Load JSON buttons have been removed, this was a weird system that was added to prevent accidentally losing work
    • added a warning panel to confirm loading, might make this optional?...
  6. Fortify 1.54

    • added wall and floor frame
    • added hatch and metal double door
    • adjusted colliders to help with double wall building
    • added lots of new materials for placeables
    • added panel for displaying/saving door codes, can only add codes in edit mode
    • added new frame parts to resource count, along with shelves
    • hide floor mode now shows floor number, added tab button under arrows to jump to 1st floor
    • set target frame rate to 60
    • roof collider changed for more intersecting...