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Список изменений:
  • Added third person aim down sight sounds
  • Added third person grenade sounds
  • Added third person bandage sounds
  • New binocular sounds
  • New flashlight sounds
  • Admins can get combat log of other players
  • Admins get warnings when anti hack is disabled
  • Added new Hazmat suit
  • Water jug admire animation updated
  • Salvaged hammer admire animation updated
  • Water bucket admire animation updated
  • Wooden spear admire animation updated
  • Stone spear admire animation updated
  • Flamethrower admire animation updated
  • Satchel charge admire animation updated
  • C4 admire animation updated
  • Bow admire animation updated
  • Optimized workshop skin download processing
  • Optimized game object memory usage
  • Optimized skin icon memory usage
  • Optimized skin icon loading
  • EAC SDK update
  • Combat log no longer takes count parameter (uses combatlogsize value instead)
  • Increased junk pile respawn time from 20 to 30 minutes
  • Eliminated GC from voice recorder
  • Jack O Lantern can be picked up
  • Jack O Lantern only accepts wood
  • Small Furnace now emits heat
  • Can rotate tool cupboard after placement with hammer
  • Added Building Blocked zone around Helicopter crash site
  • Must wait 30 seconds to repair a structure after it was damaged
  • Hazmat suit now reserachable and craftable
  • Fixed an exploit near Military Tunnels entrance allowing players to go out of bounds
  • Fixed an exploit inside the Military Tunnels allowing players to build in unintended areas
  • Fixed maximum anisotropic filtering not being set correctly for certain textures
  • Fixed community UI exception
  • Fixed weapon holster exception
  • Fixed HTTP image exception
  • Fixed various Unity exceptions
  • Fixed network stream exception
  • Fixed skin loading exception
  • Fixed planner exception
  • Fixed bloom exception
  • Fixed exception in voice recorder
  • Fixed terrain hole at launch site on Hapis
  • Fixed shelves been placed on Roads
  • Fixed Jack O Lantern can no longer be placed through walls
  • Fixed Vending machine not been destroyed if construction no longer exists
  • Fixed chairs been placed inside trees and clutter (Exploit fix)
  • Fixed not being able to rotate workbenches when deploying
  • Fixed AutoTurrets not losing any health upon pickup
  • Dropbox can no longer be placed under water
  • Fixed Small Refinery not generating charcoal
  • Fixed arrowheads not showing up in outlines
  • Fixed explosive bullet damage being too high
  • Retired viewmodel layer (unused)
First look at a new monument, improved cheat reporting, optimizations, a new Hazmat Suit, and more.

Hazmat Changes
The new and awesome makeshift Hazmat Suit from Taylor Reynolds is now in-game. This replaces the existing item visuals and should help differentiate scientists from players when they are fully in-game. That doesn't mean that you'll never be able to find a legit scientist suit, so you can still roleplay as an NPC if you get...

Список изменений:
  • Мелкие исправления.

Список изменений:
  • New first person deploy sounds for a handful of items
  • Most items have third person deploy sounds now
  • Added Bone Arrows
  • Added Fire Arrows
  • Fixed washed out sky at clear weather conditions
  • Fixed missing sound refs on a few SoundPlayers
  • Fixed stars being barely visible at night
  • Fixed only 100 key combinations (nerfed key raiding)
  • Fixed Christmas light exploits
  • Fixed road grass decor not aligning to ground
  • Fixed odd junk pile placement
  • Fixed Hapis Sky Dome
  • Bone knife auto admiring on deploy
  • Beancan grenade auto admiring on deploy
  • Fixed Harbor mine entrance (Hapis)
  • Optimized elevator volumes (server perf)
  • Fog and wind are now randomized every 18 hours
  • Slightly darker sky at midnight
  • EAC SDK update
  • Optimized tool cupboard queries (client perf)
  • Fog density no longer changes per biome
  • Improved fog algorithm
  • Pickaxe admire animation updated
  • Bandage admire animation updated
  • Bota bag admire animation updated
  • Water bottle admire animation updated
  • Big cleaver admire animation updated
  • Crossbow admire animation updated
  • Hammer admire animation updated
  • Mace admire animation updated
  • Salvaged axe admire animation updated
  • Salvaged Icepick admire animation updated
  • Torch admire animation updated
  • Longsword admire animation updated
  • Owner can always open key lock
  • Added final art for tool crate (purple box)

New arrows, base damage visuals, trees, pants and more.

New Arrow Types
I've added a couple new arrow types to the game: Bone and Fire.

Bone arrows travel slightly slower and do less damage, but are way, way, waaay easier to hit people with. Their bounding box is 3x that of a regular arrow. These are a default blueprint.


Fire arrows are a bit of a...