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  • The electric egg incubator now has increased hatching speed. Hatches at 1.5 times the normal rate
  • Optimized the processing load on dedicated servers
  • You can now pet some pals that could not be pet due to a bug that prevented the "pet" option from working correctly
  • Fixed an issue where base pals would sometimes collide with each other on dedicated servers
  • Fixed other minor bugs

PixARK 1.195 (


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  • Corrected an issue that caused all Pal attacks to deal only half the intended damage.
  • Corrected the hit detection in the latter parts of the "Nightmare Ray" and "Nightmare Bloom" attacks.
  • Reduced the jittering of sleeping Pals on Pal beds.
  • You can now close the character editing screen of the antique dresser using the ESC key.
  • Corrected other minor bugs.

Valheim 0.217.46

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  • Upgraded Unity engine to 2022.3.17f
  • Changes to how locations/dungeons/rooms are loaded and unloaded. For more information regarding this change, please see the FAQ
  • Fixed issue where Seasonal groups that extended over a year change wouldn't work in the new year
  • Fixed terrain modifications around locations not getting applied properly
  • Fixed bug where old pre-Mistlands terrain modification did not blend with newer modifications [Note! you have to run the “optterrain” command to update the terrain]

Rust 2546 за 4.04.2024

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Список изменений:
  • Harbor monument reworks
  • Cargo Ship docking
  • Bradley Scientists will now help defend it
  • Patrol Helicopter reworks and improvements
  • IO entities snapping

PixARK 1.194 (