Going Deep

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Going Deep 0.jpg

This month's update brings Procedural Underwater Labs, Submarines, Torpedoes, Fishing, Sharks, Speargun, Updated underwater Ambience and much more!

Wounding Update & Voice Props DLC

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Wounding Update 1.jpg

This month's update brings an updated wounding system, Nvidia DLSS, countryside tunnel entrances, monument AI, Voice props DLC, birds, improvements and more!​


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This month brings the new contact system, a complete AI rework along with updated animal models and Rust+ IFTTT integration.

Contact System
We've added a new system for keeping track of the players you interact with.

You'll find a new tab on your inventory screen which will open the contacts panel. From there you'll be able to use the various controls to flag a player as either friendly or enemy. This will change how their name tag shows up when you encounter them in the world. Players are automatically added to the 'seen' category if you've been in close proximity for several seconds.

Any player who kills you will be added to your Enemy list.

Contacts 1.jpg

Contacts 2.jpg

Contacts 3.png

You can select any contact from the list and filter by category (friendly/seen/enemy) as well as assign a contact to a category.

Binoculars have...

World Revamp

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World Revamp 0.jpg

This month's update brings a complete overhaul to Rust's graphics including some changes to monuments, Nvidia Reflex for reduced latency and the usual tweaks, fixes and improvements.

A Whole New World
Vincent Mayeur
This month Rust has received a huge visual update, the biggest to date! From new terrain, trees, rocks, cliffs, decor, grass, monument reworks and so much more.

This is the culmination of work by several people that took place on and off over the last couple
of years. It greatly improves how the game feels and gives it a fresh look.

World Revamp 1.jpg

Most of the new visuals were developed alongside the transition of the game to the High Definition Render Pipeline of Unity (HDRP) that we subsequently dropped after unsatisfactory performance results. We didn’t want to waste the efforts made to make the game look...

Gestures Update

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This month's update brings Gestures so you can visually communicate with other players, poker tables to complete the Bandit Camp Casino, the Easter week event and the usual fixes and improvements.

You can now express yourself with a new selection of gestures, available to everyone in a simple popup menu during gameplay. Just press B (by default) to open the menu and look at your options. These new gestures have been built to be used in first person, so you get nicely animated hand movements instead of just seeing your shadow gesture. This new system for gestures is a bit more flexible than the old system, and it has already supports some future features like looping animations and third person gestures.

A core goal of this new gesture system was reducing as much risk as possible when using them during tense gameplay. Gestures will now no longer unequip your...

Freight Transit Line

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Freight Transit Line 0.jpg

This month we've added an underground transit system, slot machines, a new round of Twitch drops and more improvements and fixes.

Rail Network
You'll now find train entrances scattered across the world, typically you'll find entrances next to existing monuments. Upon the first inspection, they may not appear to be anything special but after venturing inside deep below the terrain, you'll now find a vast rail network with drivable workcarts.

Freight Transit Line 1.jpg

When entering the train entrances you'll notice the huge spiral staircases penetrating deep into the terrain, central to the stairs you'll find a much quicker, but perhaps less safe elevator shaft.

Freight Transit Line 2.jpg

Freight Transit Line 3.jpg

Everything in Rust wants you dead, these tunnels are no exception. Upon reaching the...