Freight Transit Line

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Freight Transit Line 0.jpg

This month we've added an underground transit system, slot machines, a new round of Twitch drops and more improvements and fixes.

Rail Network
You'll now find train entrances scattered across the world, typically you'll find entrances next to existing monuments. Upon the first inspection, they may not appear to be anything special but after venturing inside deep below the terrain, you'll now find a vast rail network with drivable workcarts.

Freight Transit Line 1.jpg

When entering the train entrances you'll notice the huge spiral staircases penetrating deep into the terrain, central to the stairs you'll find a much quicker, but perhaps less safe elevator shaft.

Freight Transit Line 2.jpg

Freight Transit Line 3.jpg

Everything in Rust wants you dead, these tunnels are no exception. Upon reaching the...

Softcore Gamemode Update

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Softcore Gamemode Update.jpg

This month we launch the Softcore Gamemode to soften the Rust experience for those that want it, a new automated drone delivery service for your vending needs, work on the Hapis revamp as well as the usual fixes and improvements.

Softcore Gamemode
A major part of Rust has always been its hardcore, ruthless PvP and will continue to be. But we're aware that some players want a less brutal experience (sometimes, anyway).

Introducing Softcore mode - a new game mode in Rust, aimed at more casual players. Don't worry, the majority of our servers will still be regular vanilla Rust (hardcore). During this first pass, you will find the following changes on Softcore servers:

  • When you're killed, half of your inventory can be reclaimed by you at either the spot of your death, or at a reclaim terminal (found at Bandit Town and the Outpost) - items in the reclaim terminal will de-spawn after...

January Update

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January Update 0.jpg

Santa is packing up and clearing out the bodies, we hope you enjoyed the Holiday Season. We're getting back to work after a couple of weeks off which is why this is a light blog and we are looking forward to the journey ahead in 2021!

2020 was a strange year to be sure but regardless, we managed to add quite a few significant elements to the game :

  • Ring Road
  • Modular Turrets
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Farming 2.0
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Electric Heaters
  • Rust+
  • Modular Vehicles
  • Airwolf, Boat shop, and stables
  • Mixing table
  • Elevators
  • Weather system
  • Telephones
  • Tech Trees
  • And many many more improvements and fixes
We're excited to see what we can accomplish in 2021 and we thank each and every one of our players for continuing to enjoy our work. We can't wait to show you what's next!

Blueprint Wipe
For the first time in years we are force-wiping blueprints across all rust...

Christmas 2020 Update

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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Tech Tree Update

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Tech Tree Update 0.jpg

This month we have added the tech tree which will give you the choice of how you unlock your blueprints, this has also led to a huge update on item crafting recipes, tiers and the loot you will find in airdrops and heli/bradley crates.

Tech Tree
In November 2017 I implemented Workbench experimenting which allowed the player to use scrap to gain a random unknown blueprint. Since this time we've added nearly an extra 130 items which has made random experimenting both costly and frustrating.

Tech Tree Update 1.jpg

Say goodbye to experimentation and say hello to Tech Trees. Each level of workbench has its own tech tree composed of all of the items within its tech level. This new system allows you to see the entire tree of items and allows you to unlock them in a linear fashion, choosing paths and allowing you to specialize. This should...

Stables Update

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Stables Update 1.jpg

This month's update brings horse stables to purchase your trusty steeds, a new telephone system you can add to your base or find public phones along the roads and at monuments, a Taxi module for vehicles along with changes to vehicle costs, crafting and balancing along with the usual improvements and fixes and a moustache ??