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Experimental Обновление HurtWorld

Тема в разделе "Обновления", создана пользователем KosiakS, 30 авг 2018.

От KosiakS 30 авг 2018 в 23:43
  1. KosiakS

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    Команда форума

    11 ноя 2014


    Список изменений:
    • Added new town events to Nullius
    • Added FR18 bolt pull rifle
    • You can now delay the bolt pull on the AWM and FR18 by holding the fire button, this lets you watch the bullet drop to help you sight in long distance shots
    • Added camoflague mask for all guns
    • Added 12x scope for AWM
    • Removed add pocket fragments
    • Removed zoom amount fragments
    • Added bow scatter shot fragment
    • Removed bow extra shot fragment
    • AWM pvp damage increased (70 -> 85)
    • AWM bolt pull time increased (1 -> 1.75)
    • AWM Default scope is now 6x zoom
    • Removed global accuracy modifier and stat
    • Rebalanced accuracy for AR15, sighted accuracy starts higher than before but starts to bloom after a few shots (was previously constant small inaccuracy no matter what when sighted), hipfire now blooms out faster. First sighted shot is now perfectly accurate.
    • Reduced projectile speed for AR15 and Shotgun
    • Increased projectile speed for AWM
    • AR15 arctic pelt cost changed to strong animal pelt
    • Reduced Titranium Workbench cost
    • Airdrops now perform a line of sight check before destroying themselves due to timeout (airdrops should no longer despawn in front of players)
    • Increased reload and bolt pull audio falloff (gets quieter earlier)
    • Buffed thermal protection fragments (minor 4 -> 6, major 6 -> 9, mega 7 -> 11)
    • Buffed health regen fragments (minor .1 -> .15, major .15 -> .22, mega .17 -> .25)
    • Zoom amount stat so it now directly sets zoom level (ie. zoom level 2 = 2x zoom)
    • Zoom levels are now calculated as multiplier of FOV setting from options configuration (was multiplier of 60 FOV)
    • Increased vehicle and ragdoll maximum angular velocity
    • Fixed a bug where the camera wouldn't collide with some level geometry
    • Bolt actions no longer try to chamber a new bullet when sprinting
    • Fixed error when opening/closing a door without a sound
    • Reassigned open/close sounds for windows
    • Fixed a bug where equip stats could get out of sync between server and client
    • Fixed incorrect footsteps sounds playing based on contact material
    • Bolt pull audio now scales with bolt pull speed
    • Vehicle fuel consumption can no longer be reduced below 1
    • Fixed missing FIR trees around the map

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