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Список изменений:
  • Мелкие исправления

Список изменений:
  • Added Throwable Flares
  • Added handheld flashlight
  • Added a bunch more deployable interaction sounds
  • Added Upkeep notifications and gametips
  • Door Garland is available to craft w/ Window garland sitem
  • Can Admire/Examine skins with N key
  • Added fog start distance in dark environments (gamma / navigation exploit)
  • Fixed spinner wheel sound playback bug
  • Fixed beams being invisible
  • Fixed various errors on client and server
  • Fixed fog not always being disabled in caves (gamma / navigation exploit)
  • Fixed high external stone gate only decaying very slowly
  • Fixed roof conditional models in various scenarios
  • Wounded players no longer block player movement
  • Upkeep payment intervals are now saved and restored on server restart
  • Crossbow can take underbarrel modifications
  • Lowered some upkeep costs

Ho-ho... no! Before he was murdered, Santa delivered some treats: weapon admire animations, night-time changes, a new flashlight, flares and more. This is it for us for 2017, we'll see you next year. Happy holidays!

Weapon Admire Animations
Thanks to Alex Webster's hard work over the past month, we now have a nearly complete set of weapon admire animations. You can press the examine key to take a look at your weapon and/or...

Список изменений:
  • Мелкие исправления.

Список изменений:
  • Enabled Xmas Content
  • Lots of new deployable placement sounds
  • Lots of new deployable interaction sounds
  • Doors require upkeep
  • Wall frame inserts require upkeep
  • Floor frame inserts require upkeep
  • Deployables inside the building privilege radius are decay protected
  • Added decay.delay convars (all default to 0)
  • Open/close sounds only play for the local player
  • Tweaks to a few existing deployable sounds
  • Animal behaviour overhaul
  • Optimized upkeep backend
  • All barricades can be repaired
  • Added extra slots to TC
  • Normalized building protection between tiers
  • Increased protection for Metal Tier (2x stone)
  • Increased protection for Armored tier (2x metal)
  • Animals can no longer walk through closed doors at monuments
  • Fixed broken items being traded in vending machine