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Многие игроки жаловались на то что нету никакого прогресса в игре. Поэтому я решился обратиться к roadmap. Каждые 3 часа сидения на стуле вы будете уменьшать время крафта на 1 секунду.

Ну а если серьезно, я провел несколько часов на этой неделе и сделал небольшую работу, которая поможет нам в будущем сделать автомобили.

P.S. На данный момент мы...
Experimental HurtWorld


Список изменений:
  • Changed the way the bandage item works, now you click primary fire to start using the item, any movement will cancel the item being used (previously using the item would block any movement input)
  • Fixed a bug causing loot cache spawns to instantly despawn
  • Fixed a bug causing loot caches to spawn outside their explicit spawn locations
  • Changed vehicle and Antor node spawning mechanics, these spawns have been massively sped up on low population servers
  • Antor nodes no longer have a despawn timer and remain until mined by a player or server shutdown
  • Fixed plants not serializing their planted time properly (fixes owrongs appearing unresponsive after server restart)
  • Increased precision of input sensitivity option
  • Fixed a validation check for a roof corner construction piece being ran on the wrong layer
  • Fire pits can now be removed with the construction hammer
  • Fixed a series of issues where build limit costs and attachment point previews would persist after a constructable item had been unequipped
  • Fixed a bug where the creature navigation mesh was not being properly created in some areas
  • Fixed incorrect label on ignite button for several machines
  • Fixed an error in the way clients were being registered with EasyAntiCheat


Список изменений:
  • Added DartBugs and Antors into game
  • Fixed a bug where other players could appear as if they were emoting when they aren't
  • EasyAntiCheat version upgrade
  • Reduced crafting time of construction materials
  • Many new creature sounds have been added
  • SendBufferSize can no longer be adjusted on the client
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the in game music playing
  • Added a consumable healing item to handcrafted recipes
  • Aggressive creatures will now drop loot again
  • Fixed a bug that made drills unplaceable
  • Slightly reduced 556 ammo cost
  • Increased scout rifle and AWM equip times
  • Bunnyhopping has been re-enabled
  • Reduced Tendon cost on C4 by half
  • Added asset override feature to SDK ahead of SDK release
  • Reworked localization framework to support Steam Workshop
  • OSX Should now be working again


Перед скачиванием с MediaDisk читайте инструкцию!

Список изменений:
  • Improved accuracy of IsInRock check, should result in less false positives
  • SendBufferSize can no longer be adjusted on the client
  • Improved accuracy of trap door / hatch overlap check on close
  • Vehicles now block doors from closing

Список изменений:
  • Добавлена информационная панель для предметов.
  • Добавлена автозаправка.
  • Добавлен супермаркет.
  • Исправили отсутствие звука при употреблении еды.
  • Обновлены описания предметов.
  • Брэдли теперь не может стрелять через крышу ракетной фабрики.
  • Исправлена анимация персонажа от третьего лица.
  • В лут Брэдли добавили микросхемы.