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Список изменений:
  • Fixed flame turret been lockable
  • Stance recoil no longer affects xbow/bow
  • New nail gun sounds
  • EAC SDK update
  • New garage door sounds
  • Nailgun nails embed themselves in objects + retrievable
  • Nailgun nails no longer damage structures
  • Nailgun nails have larger radius (easier to hit targets)
  • HV Arrow is now a default blueprint
  • Oil Refinery is cheaper to research
  • Searchlight is cheaper to research
  • Large Medkit is cheaper to research
  • Miner Hat is cheaper to research
  • Chainlink fence/gate is cheaper to research
  • Prison Wall/door is cheaper to research
  • Double Sheet Doors are cheaper to research
  • Floor Grill is cheaper to research
  • Added hair

Player Hair

I've been working with Diogo Teixeira on the final few tech issues before getting hair into Rust.

Currently in game are two hair styles per gender, two facial hair styles and eyebrow and body hair. We've implemented some tech to make the hair deform with player clothing and fit to all player faces.

Player hair has been designed to be used with TSSAA Anti-Aliasing...

Список изменений:
  • Фикс ЕАС

Список изменений:
  • Added Bradly APC to Materials Extraction monument (Hapis)
  • Added Savas map markers
  • Added new icebergs and ice sheets to the arctic biome
  • Added medium levels of radiation to Materials Extraction monument (Hapis)
  • Added north and south recycler on Savas
  • Basic crate added to supermarket/gasstation/warehouse
  • New procedural map biome layout
  • Military Tunnels spawn 2 elite crates
  • Stance recoil added - less accurate when standing/moving vs crouching
  • Added Nailgun + Nailgun ammo default BP
  • Fixed various Hapis exploits
  • Improved skinning on player model elbows/wrists
  • Fixed player preview blinking backwards
  • Fixed shading on multi-layer materials; e.g. icebergs
  • Garage door sound scales with audio volume
  • Improved player bone scaling and skin colour variety
  • Updated Hapis map markers
  • EAC SDK update
  • Network encryption optimizations
  • Removed sand from the arctic coastline
  • Crates always spawn one component with 40% chance of WB item
  • Candle hat default BP
  • Metal Window Bars cheaper to research
  • Airdrop always drops 2 weapons + ammo, and 2 armor pieces
  • Disabled Halloween Content :(

Halloween is over and winter is here, bringing a new North for you to explore, and a nailgun to protect you while you do. There's some major world and loot changes as well. This patch wipes the servers, but retains your blueprints. Enjoy!

2 November 2017

Thanks to some quick animation work by Gooseman, I was able to implement the nailgun for this patch! It's a default blueprint, costing Metal Fragments and Scrap,...