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  • Greetings Explorers! Terrain Editing is now added to Creator mode. Press F9 to access the Terrain Editing Screen, which includes the following features:
    • Basic Setting
      • Camera movement speed adjustment
      • Camera rotation speed adjustment
    • Paint Setting
      • Cube type selection
      • Paint brush shape
        • Circle
        • Square
      • Paint Size
      • Paint speed
    • Vertical Plane
      • Elevate
      • Lower
      • Flatten
      • Convex
      • Concave
      • Smoothen
      • Quick smoothen
      • Replace surface cube type
      • Fill
    • Arbitrary Plane
      • Elevate
      • Lower
      • Flatten
      • Horizontally smoothen
      • Vertically smoothen
      • Replace surface cube type
    • Revert setting
      • Enable revert preview
      • Revertible cube counts
      • Reverted cube counts
      • Revert
    • Foliage Painting
      • Enable foliage creation
      • Foliage weight configuration
        • None: non-foilage weight
        • Grass: grass creation weight
        • Shrub: shrub creation weight
        • Tree: tree creation weight
Experimental HurtWorld


Список изменений:
  • Fixed a bug in the item display data manager that could cause it to crash and never recover (Fixes items failing to render and world items falling through ground)
  • Improved physics performance (server and client)
  • Fixed several console commands throwing errors when invoked during server start up
  • Improved how steam ID sessions are recorded, should help "Active session with same SteamID" issue
  • Fixed an issue where players could get into a loop where they would constantly request data about an item that doesn't exist from the server
  • Added the console command 'itempingenabled <value>' for servers to control whether players can link items to chat
  • Fixed an issue causing featured servers not to appear in the server browser as featured
Experimental HurtWorld


Список изменений:
  • Vehicles can now be claimed without any parts installed
  • Fixed a bug where the amber cost could still be consumed when failing to claim a vehicle
  • Added extra placement validation to shacks to ensure their spawn point does not overlap into level geometry (eg. inside rocks)
  • Shacks will be unavailable as a spawn option if something (eg. C4) is blocking the spawn point
  • After upgrading an amber protected item the upgraded item will not drop its amber cost on the first death (the item will still be protected however)

Список изменений:
  • Исправлена уязвимость
  • Обновлены скины