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Список изменений:
  • Added Durability
  • Armor now has a Durability value
  • When durability drops to 0, it will no longer appear on your character model and will no longer provide armor or stats. The item will still be equipped.
  • Can be repaired using the new Repairing Pincers.
  • Increased the drop rate of the Mole Claw.
  • Increased the drop amount of Leather from Coyotes.
  • Added Bone Pieces to the Trike drop table.
  • Increased the Bone Pieces drop amount from Quetzal, Trike, and Carbonemys.
  • Tamed Gem Spiders now produce Gems at a faster rate.


Список изменений:
  • Overhauled interaction UI to allow multiple touches on client and clicking through available interactables
  • New Clans System
  • Clan Totem
  • Doubled amber drop chance
  • Increased iron drop rate
  • Increased wood drop rate
  • Automatic drill machine visuals updated
  • Blast furnace visuals updated
  • FPS arms updated
  • Removed default attachments from AR15 and AWM loot tables
  • Map marker performance increased
  • FR18 Jacket Silencer and Locus Scope are now supported by the Camouflage mask
  • BoltAction guns (FR18 and AWM) now require a bolt pull on first equip before firing
  • FoV in options is now set as horizontal FoV, FoV max increased to 110
  • Sighted zooms are now calculated as a % of base FoV rather than an explicit number
  • Console command 'setres' format has changed to 'setres <resolutionIndex> <fullscreen true/false>', console command 'reslist' will show compatible resolution list
  • Fixed a bug in ItemCustomisationWindow where if an item with multiple redundant SkinnedMeshAttachmentConfigurations could throw exceptions if there were at least 3 custom pixel index conflicts.
  • Improved third person camera line of sight check
  • Weather systems now have a longer falloff area at their edges
  • World items are now forced asleep after 10 seconds
  • AWM and AR15 scale adjusted
  • Improved performance of vehicle health sync
  • Activated GPU instancing for several environmental assets
  • Improved uber shader performance when backfaces are culled
  • Fixed incorrect removal ghost on Titranium workbench
  • Fixed incorrect low LODs on Iron Ore resource node
  • Fixed incorrect name display when looking at someone elses bed UI

Список изменений:
  • Хэллоуинское обновление

Starbound - фантастическая RPG-песочница, которая является духовным наследником Террарии! В этой уникальной игре у вас будет полная свобода действий. Вы можете уничтожать всех на своем пути, исследовать подземелья, добывать в шахтах ценные материалы, ловить монстров и использовать их в качестве своих спутников, строить крепости, кататься на мехах и многое, многое другое.