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Список изменений:
  • Добавлены скины.
  • Добавлена возможность передачи звука игроку.

Список изменений:
  • Added Frog Boots, My Dudes.
  • Added new trees
  • Added Road Exploration Tutorial
  • Added Workbench Tutorial
  • Added Research Tutorial
  • Section Names for each tutorial instead of "task list"
  • Added Pickles, with a chance of botulism
  • Improvements in lighting process/ Higher IBL contribution
  • Post Processes and LUTs refresh
  • Visual upgrades on the world generation (terrain, rocks, foliage and lot more)
  • Improved overall terrain splat mapping
  • Higher Densities of Icebergs and Icesheets
  • Optimized foliage system with a lot of different foliage types
  • Vm animation updates
  • Netting costs 1 Rope instead of 3
  • Fire arrows cost 2 cloth instead of 10
  • Scientists have reduced accuracy
  • Changed default server information image
  • Loot Barrels now drop 2 Scrap instead of 1
  • Double Metal Door now default blueprint
  • AK47 horizontal recoil kicks in faster
  • Aim Sway inactive for several seconds after a shot
  • Melee tip hides sooner
  • Fixed some streaming sound related performance spikes
  • Fixed missing mesh references on skinnable items
  • Wild Animals now spawn in biomes and terrain that fits their environment
  • Fixed inaccurate upkeep time on the tool cupboard
  • Fixed doors not decaying when their upkeep was not paid for
  • Fixed harbors not spawning correctly
  • Fixed hilltop rocks sometimes overlapping monuments
  • Fixed various small world generation issues
  • Workbench Experiments can now reveal ammo types
  • Fixed Garage Doors taking splash damage
  • Fixed task list not displaying under some resolutions

We leave Early Access with a graphics overhaul, give out Frog Boots for those who helped us in EA, and more.

Leaving Early Access
Rust is leaving Early Access today. If you're wondering what this means for you, check out this blog post with all the info. This also means all existing customer reviews on Steam will show Early Access on them, so now is a good time to update yours.

Procedural Generation
I've spent essentially the...

Список изменений:
  • Обновлён апдейтер GameWer.
  • Мелкие исправления.
Experimental HurtWorld


Список изменений:
  • Recycler will no longer give back more resources when the crafting recipe output more than one item
  • Fixed various sounds not having a falloff profile, making them audible for 500m (Doors, Chests, Drills)
  • Reduced vehicle costs by a fair bit
  • Structure combination step on connection should be a lot faster
  • Increased amber drop rate
  • Nerfed Improvised Bow
  • Nerfed Iron Axe
  • Added new T3 Axe "Viagrax"
  • Reduced core drill volume by half
  • Reduced Owrong Spawn Density
  • Increased Air Drop render distance
  • Increased Detcap drop rate in Air Drops
  • Fixed Recycler disappearing on pickup
  • Removed line of sight check from terrain layer, building walls intersecting terrain/rocks should be easier
  • Removed most unused broken items from the build so admins spawning items can't get their server into a broken state
  • Fixed Drill Colors
  • Fixed some machines showing as a generic crate
  • Fixed tiny loot crates
  • Fixed sign window not restoring cursor after use
  • Creatures should run through shacks less
  • Fixed backface transparency on gear
  • Fixed desert trails having wrong texture
  • Made loot in forest more evenly distributed
  • Reduced Boar count in forrest and increased clustering to deep forest
  • Reduced steak drop rate
  • Changed default map to Mangatang
  • Increased clay and sandstone drop amounts per node
  • Replaced Iron workbench with fabricator model
  • Recolored the Recycler
  • Fixed low LOD of the Airdrop Crate
  • Fixed some funkyness on vehicle colors
  • Fixed C4 Beep
  • Meteor indicators will give more warning before the shower starts
  • Airdrop plane flies higher and crate drops slower
  • Doors can no longer be destroyed by exploding raid drills
  • Improved map marker flickering
  • Fixed options being reset