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Список изменений:
  • Мелкие фиксы
Experimental HurtWorld


Список изменений:
  • Chat connection messages are no longer generated server side when ServerConfig.ChatConnectionMessagesEnabled is false
  • Fixed a bug in the mesh baking cache system (fixes disappearing objects)
  • Fixed a bug where vehicle wheels could be created with the wrong steering angle
  • Shacks will no longer spam warning notifications when their destroy timer is getting close to running out
  • Options are now clamped between their min and max ranges on game start and when loading saved options (players with previously saved options that are now outside of min/max values will have their option clamped back to within range, fixes players being able to use invalid FoV settings)

Список изменений:
  • Barbeque can no longer be placed in monuments
  • Barbeque no longer clip through walls
  • Fixed client bone follower performance regression
  • Fixed some visual issues with the halterneck
  • Fixed permanent Debris Field markers
  • Fixed BoneFollower 1 frame delay
  • Fixed AutoTurret server lag
  • Garage door frame block
  • Added Scarecrow deployable
  • Added network encryption (enabled by default)
  • Added encryption server convar (0-2 for various protection levels)
  • Added Halloween Collectables
  • Added Skull Fire Pit
  • Replaced the ladder leading to LS roof with walkways
  • Optimized network stream read / write
  • Optimized network RPC parameter handling
  • Optimized network queue iteration
  • Optimized server logging
  • Optimized server garbage collections
  • Double shotgun deploys quicker
  • Wall Netting cheaper + default BP
  • Item drop chances equalized for each tier

Halloween Items
Happy Halloween! To get into the spirit of things, we've added some new decorative Halloween deployables. There's a scarecrow and a skull fire pit available on the Steam item store.


In addition, we've replaced the existing resource pickups with Halloween themed ones for Metal,...
Experimental HurtWorld


Список изменений:
  • Fixed an issue that was causing OSX to fail initializing the input system
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing bhopfriction from being set on server startup
  • Fixed a bug where AWM pointer tip was unable to apply its extra pvp damage
  • Unbound player actions now try to assign a default binding (fixes a bug where the open map action was defaulting to unbound)
  • Fixed a server side error in GenericDeviceUsableInterfaceServer
  • Player disconnection messages are now affected by the ServerConfig.ChatConnectionMessagesEnabled setting
  • Fixed a server side error in PlayerConstructionManager
  • Slightly reduced construction hammer build time for faster building of multiple attachments