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Список изменений:
  • New Mangatang map with a new biome. You may now only build bases in the new central green biome and the starting biome. You may only place ownership stakes in the central green biome.
  • Fixed voice chat - Unity was reporting incorrect target frequencies for microphone input
  • Increased cull distance on vehicles and Yetis
  • Removed titranium cost from Beretta m9 recipe
  • Fixed a bug where storages could appear empty on spawn
  • Rebalanced mondinium costs
  • Changed how town loot spawns to be more evenly distributed

Список изменений:
  • Added Bradley APC to launch site
  • Fixed culling false positives
  • Fixed material related performance bottleneck
  • Fixed large furnace lower LOD looking too dark
  • Fixed LOD transition popping in high external wall
  • Fixed a material memory leak
  • Fixed ores missing partially broken stages on lower LODs
  • Fixed only being able to harvest debris from certain angles
  • Fixed smoke trails disappearing too soon after rocket explosion
  • Improved performance for overlay effects (e.g. hurt, cold)
  • Improved performance for Tone-mapping, FXAA, Sharpen and Vignette
  • Updated multiple descriptions
  • Paper map now despawn in 5 minutes down from 20 minutes
  • Reduced sky brightness slightly
  • Greatly reduced GC allocations throughout the game
  • Optimized the internal memory pool
  • M92 Horizontal recoil halved

БМП Брэдли
Машина Брэдли теперь в игре!

Позвольте начать с того, что БТР еще полностью не готов. У него есть некоторые недоработки с движением и нет правильной таблицы лута, а также правильных значений здоровья и защиты. Машина может застрять, начать принимать неправильные решения, и вы вероятно будете эксплойтить это. Я буду смотреть каждое видео с багами и читать любые отзывы, оставленные на Reddit или еще где то....

Список изменений:
  • Исправлена анимация оружия.
  • Оптимизация сетевого кода.
Experimental HurtWorld


Список изменений:
  • Fixed a bug where the mesh baker wouldn't clear itself properly and multiple sets of gear could end up baked to a player
  • Fixed an exploit where construction hammers could remove machines from inside shacks
  • Fixed an issue where crashing a goat would cause the server to spam errors
  • Fixed a bug that disabled several animation transitions
  • Fixed a bug where vehicle claims wouldn't show in the vehicle UI
  • Vehicles now block doors from closing so they don't get stuck inside them
  • Improved door close validation for trap door (hatch)
  • Trap doors, windows and pillboxes can all be destroyed by c4 again
  • Fixed a server side SessionItemSerializationData memory leak
  • Fixed a bug where player customisation options could be set to out of range values
  • Mac version now defaults to OpenGL Core rather than metal, this should fix crashing on boot
  • Added extra details to several error messages
  • Fixed some other non-gameplay related bugs, this should improve server stability