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Список изменений:
  • Обновлён апдейтер GameWer
  • Mini Water Well Monuments
  • Added hilltop rocks
  • New network interpolation and extrapolation
  • AI no longer ghost through fences and other transparent walls
  • AI no longer ghost through barricades
  • Fixed an ice lake exploit that allowed people build near trucks
  • Fixed Hapis floating barrels at Site A
  • Fixed spawning in the ocean on Savas
  • Military Tunnels Level Design Refresh
  • Added recycler to Savas KOTH
  • Ak47 admire animation
  • Double shotgun admire animation
  • Eoka admire animation
  • Mp5 admire animation
  • Water bucket admire animation
  • Rock admire animation
  • Players no longer spawn on islands
  • Maps have significantly more cliffs and hills
  • Rivers have a nicer color
  • EAC SDK update
  • Monuments no longer spawn on islands
  • Reduced player tick delay (peeker's advantage)
  • Removed wood cost from double sheet metal doors
  • Hapis old caves now have lighting
  • Hapis updated with new water well monuments
  • Updated Savas KOTH loot table with newly introduced items
  • Removed pillar building block
  • Added 10 tutorials
  • Added functional water wells
Lots of world changes: Water Wells monuments are in, Military Tunnels get a refresh, the terrain gets rockier. This patch wipes the maps. Next week when we leave Early Access blueprints + maps will be wiped.

Tutorial Task List
I added about 60 achievements, and I've fleshed out the tutorial task list. It's now only missing one or two more slightly difficult achievements before I can polish it off. When it's done there will be about 15...
После четырех долгих лет Раст покидает Ранний доступ. Мы начали создавать Rust в 2013 году, выпустив его для тестирования в качестве браузерной игры. Через несколько месяцев, в декабре 2013 года, мы выпустили Steam в раннем доступе.
Мы планируем оставить ранний доступ 7 февраля 2018 года. Мы не планируем каких-либо крупных открытий, вечеринок, во всём мире, а также призов за денежные призы для этого мероприятия. Мы не собираемся переводить персонал на другие проекты. Это очень будет происходить без особых проблем. Это как обычно.

Список изменений:
  • Исправлен краш игры в некоторых ситуациях.

Список изменений:
  • Добавлен список пиратских серверов
  • New third person sounds for all handheld water containers
  • New flare sounds
  • Add burning fuse sound to survey charge
  • New third person sounds for the medical syringe
  • New third person deploy sound for the building planner
  • Flare admire animation
  • Flashlight admire animation
  • Added 20 new contextual game tips
  • Added printpos / printrot / printeyes admin console commands
  • Added 25 loading screen tips
  • Added eat / drink admin console commands
  • Lower global max voice count on gunshots (perf fix w/ many scientists shooting at once)
  • Fix for Patrol Helicopter floating in Junkyard
  • Fixed barrels floating at site B (Hapis)
  • Fixed players spawning in ocean (Savas Island)
  • Fixed cheat report opening when typing in chat
  • Fixed wind generator not been able to be removed by admins using "ent kill"
  • Fixed having hat skins not allowing the root item to be craftable
  • Fixed physics.steps exploit
  • Fixed memory leak in vending machine UI
  • Fixed crash on exit
  • Misc minor sound tweaks & polish
  • Guitar admire animation updated
  • Machette is now default blueprint and needs WB1
  • Note and Building Plan now require wood to craft
  • SMG Costs reduced by 1 spring and 5 HQM
  • Optimized player network updates
  • Optimized reflection probe refresh
  • Removed paper