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Список изменений:
  • Improved camera collision detection again to stop players peeking into bases
  • Fixed construction placement validation volumes on several construction pieces
  • Fixed some layout issues in clan UI
  • Added an extra player volume to sleepers so construction validation checks against them are identical to players
  • Items with durability can no longer be recycled
  • Halved Beretta 9mm Pistol fire rate
  • Fixed players occasionally respawning at vehicles instead of their chosen respawn point
  • Added a vertical offset to crash vehicle camera to stop it colliding with the ground when rolling (makes camera much smoother when crashing)
  • Fixed ammo UI being cutoff for some languages
  • Fixed Mozzy claiming not consuming the amber cost
  • Fixed Mozzy sounds playing at incorrect times

  • The login screen will be returning to normal.
  • Supply Beacon drops will return to normal.
  • The Nian Beast will no longer spawn.
  • Wild dinos no longer wear Chinese God of Wealth Hat, and it will also be removed from loot table.
  • Chinese New Year cuisine items are now craftable in the Cooking Pot.
  • Chinese New Year costume, Chinese New Year structure pieces, and Chinese New Year decor pieces will be lootable from Supply Beacon and Chests.
  • Daeodon kills no longer give more exp.
  • Double harvest rate will be disabled.
  • Death Lord will resume as the Boss in Doom Lands replacing Flame Demon.
  • Non-event Nian Beast will now spawn in the Golden Realm.
  • Dinos with workbenches can now allow production of items in batches.
  • Tames in dino structures like dodo nest will no longer be counted towards the tribe tame limit.
  • Adjusted the lighting coverage for Miner’s Helmet.Fixed an issue where the ammos from Magical Plants are doing damage to Steel Structures.

Список изменений:
  • Мелкие исправления


Список изменений:
  • Big improvements to targeted DDOS attack protection
  • Fixed Emote crouch bypassing stand up check and being used to get into rocks