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Список изменений:
  • Мелкие фиксы.


Список изменений:
  • Added map, minimap and compass system
  • Fixed map issues where the road network didn't clear intersecting objects properly
  • Fixed a bug where undamaged resource nodes could appear cracked
  • Fixed a bug where the mesh baking system wasn't being cleared properly that could lead to partially invisible players
  • Added new item poses for weapon attachment icons
  • Fixed a bug where player renderer bounds weren't being set properly that could lead to the player being culled too early
  • Fixed a bug where the vehicle ui window would lose sync with it's target when switching tabs
  • Bumped loot cache spawn points up higher to stop them occasionally falling through the world
  • Fixed an issue where player hitbox history wasn't being written correctly whilst in vehicles
  • Fixed a rare bug where players could be saved with incorrect rotation data
  • Updated the spawn window with a scrollable view for when the options list overflows
  • Silencer weapon attachments have been added
  • Added several new sound effects
  • Tweaked creature sound falloff curves
  • Added the ability to interact with spawned entities in a network cell that has not been fully loaded (fixes 'no touch on server' issue when trying to interact with objects after respawn)
  • Changed entity spawn order when loading a cell, the new order is: Doors, Storage Containers, Machines, Ownership Stakes then everything else
  • Enabled caching for the mesh baking system
  • Fixed a bug where camera position validation raycasts were running from the wrong position whilst in vehicles (fixes erratic camera movement while crashing)
  • Changed log resource nodes to use a more accurate collider
  • Fixed a bug where raid drills would not despawn if the attachment they were on was destroyed before the raid drill was turned on
  • Reintroduced the machine wrench, it can be crafted from the titranium or mondinium workbench
  • Removed compass item
  • Increased drop chance of drill bits for the raid drill
  • Fixed a bug that was causing attachment point previews not to spawn on initial equip of the construction hammer

Список изменений:
  • Player's foot now uses IK to align to surfaces properly.
  • Optimization. Reduced resolution of dozens of environment textures
  • Updated player models
  • Updated player preview
  • Item description updates and fixes
  • Bear rug, Rug and Table can no longer be picked up when building blocked
  • Bear rug, Rug and Table requires hammer to be picked up
  • vm hatchet update
  • Disabled server backups by default (add +backup startup parameter to enable)
  • Python requires tier 2 workbench
  • LR300 fire rate increased 10%
  • Reduced water reflection gaps
  • Reduced shadow from weapons carried on the back onto viewmodel
  • Ladder hatch requires tier 2 workbench ( green crate spawn)
  • Updated EAC SDK
  • Hapis Island exploit fixes
  • Two sided hanging sign & landscape picture frame unlocked if player has Steam item
  • vm bow aiming issues
  • vm weapon attachments now positioned correctly
  • Fixed some skins not unlocking parent items (boonie/bandana/cap)
  • Fixed water reflection related shader errors on OSX and Linux
  • Fixed shadow cascades sometimes ignored when switching quality
  • Added BBQ deployable
  • Added network encryption (currently disabled)
  • Added hair items (admin only)

New Player Models
The new player models are finally going in this week. We had a couple of nasty issues related to how the build server dealt with some of the changed files which accounted for the delay (and several subtracted merges). All those issues are now resolved so I've been able to chase down some of the smaller issues before this week's patch.

We've introduced a much greater number of face variations than...

Список изменений:
  • Исправлен кодовый замок.
  • Исправлен охотничий лук.