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Список изменений:
  • Added flare to Ceiling Light
  • Added "authtimeout" server convar
  • M92, AK47, P250 Have learnable recoil patterns
  • M92, AK47, P250 Aimcone reduced by 80%
  • Riot Helmet no longer requires Sewing kit
  • Plate armor protection increased
  • Bone armor requires Cloth instead of Rope
  • Updated EAC API & SDK
  • Updated multiple item descriptions
  • More garbage collection optimizations
  • Larger coastal player spawn areas
  • Better resource spawning
  • Reduced spawn density of wooden logs by around 30%
  • Reduced distance fog density by at clear weather conditions by 25-50%
  • Fixed player names not appearing on skulls
  • Fixed duplicate ore nodes around radtowns (requires two server restarts)
  • Fixed material LOD pop-in on cliffs and rocks
  • Fixed show texel density exploit
  • Fixed fuzz in cloth shaders
  • Fixed OSX/GL gamma darkening bug
  • Terrain texture aliasing/shimmering when aniso=1
  • Removed Recoil Compensation for pattern weapons
  • Removed "gc.interval" convar
  • Removed max draggable from items (except liquids)

Bradley Progress
I tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, the bradley didn't make it this week. A metric shit tonne of progress was made with the bradley but not enough to put it into a shippable state. I expect 1-2 weeks before you see it live, but definately on staging next week.

I've set up a connection of nodes and paths on the launch site for the bradley to follow and it no longer blindly goes around in circles....

Список изменений:
  • Исправлен краш игры в определённых ситуациях.
Experimental HurtWorld


Список изменений:
  • Adjusted workbench visuals to better match their names and reflect their colors in their icon
  • Fixed radiation effect not being removed
  • Rebalanced resource drop rates for higher level drops to stay in sane ranges, recipe costs have automatically adjusted to be the same time investment per item, just drop and cost numbers will be lower.
  • Player customisation options are now stored in server saves as well as the last configuration being stored locally. If no configuration is found on the server it will fall back to the last used configuration instead
  • Improvised bow has been given custom colors to distinguish it from the wood bow
  • Rancid steaks now stack
  • Drastically reduced C4 costs
  • Longbow has been given a new look
  • Reduced scale of iron ore world item to match the other ores
  • Added new arrow crafting recipes at each workbench tier using tier appropriate resources
  • Construction now uses intermediate resources for all types similar to planks. Stone crafts into Stone Bricks, Shaped Iron crafts into Armor Panels.
  • Made Concrete cheaper
  • Building from Stone, Wood and Iron now end up more expensive
  • Fixed not being able to shoot the driver of a roach
  • Did another pass on item durability for bows and tools
  • Made AWM more expensive
  • Setup color mask on AWM, set default color to sexy stock green
  • Resource nodes should disappear in front of you much less
  • Mangatang Changes
    • - Added several more unique features and buildings to map areas
    • - Increased animal spawns
    • - Added several new dirt roads

Список изменений:
  • Добавлен автоапдейтер для античита.
  • Исправлена одиноко висящая текстура травы в лесной области.
  • Исправлены ошибки выбраковки в безопасном режиме .
  • Исправлена повторная прорисовка мокрого песка на берегу.
  • Исправлен учет ресурсов при сборе (в миниигре давалось меньше).
  • Полным ходом идет разработка новой отдачи (пока для лр 300 и мп5,) теперь "умная отдача" включается автоматически после 4-5 пуль при стрельбе очередью player.recoilcomp 1 и player.recoilcomp 0 для включения/отключения этой отдачи.
  • Новые текстуры и сетки снежного биома.
  • Оптимизация частоты кадров для сбора мусора в течение всей игры.
  • Обновлено описание нескольких элементов.
  • Стоимость прожектора теперь меньше.
  • Из форели можно добыть 8 единиц жиров после потрошения (было 3).
  • Костяная броня стоит 1 веревку вместо 2.
  • Кожанная одежда теперь стоит в 2 раза меньше.
  • Добавлен эффект вспышки и ослепления от прожектора вертолета и повышена его яткость.
  • Добавлен эффект вспышки и ослепления от фонарей и лазерных прицелов.
  • Добавлен эффект вспышки и ослепления для прожекторов.