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Список изменений:
  • Fixed the force position and visuals not matching up on tethers
  • Added a min tether length to prevent flying feedback loop on short tethers on vehicles
  • Fixed a bug where getting forced into a vehicle (or crash vehicle aka tether) would fail and kill you instantly and leave you in an invalid state
  • Fixed not being able to be tethered while holding a heavy slot item

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Список изменений:
  • Improved DDoS flood detection to reduce false positives
  • Fixed incorrect hitbox setup on land crab mines
  • Removed player collisions with poison traps (they still get triggered, this is just about restricting movement)
  • Tokars now drop poison sacs correctly
  • Improved camera positioning for crash 'vehicle'


Список изменений:
  • Added new tethering system and tether bow item for tying players and vehicles together with rope
  • Added several new vanity items (these items have no gameplay stats and are visual only)
  • Added new 'Rebel' gear set replacing several items from the heat protection progression
  • The combat helmet has been converted into a vanity item
  • Added fake sleeper traps, these will explode when destroyed
  • Added fake airdrop trap, these will call in an airdrop when placed, the cargo crate from this airdrop will explode when interacted with
  • Landcrab mines, medusa vines and poison traps are returning from legacy
  • Poison trap overhauled so it no longer destroys itself when triggered, instead it will need to be disassembled with a machine wrench
  • Crosshair hit markers are now activated by the server rather than being client predicted (seeing a non-blue hit marker should now always be a reliable hit)
  • Succulent plants and sunscreen are returning from legacy
  • Inactive item transitions now also have a progress bar so falloff progress can be tracked
  • Added irradiated owrong seeds as a new item transition from owrong seeds
  • Plugged up several rock cave base locations in Nullius
  • Fixed regressions in balance changes (Mozzy insurance cost and pistol rate of fire are now fixed again)
  • Fixed machines not being irradiated properly
  • Fixed TimedEffectZones trying to affect destroyed entities
  • Fixed a potential null reference exception in MapComponentMarker
  • Fixed Mozzys not consuming fuel properly
Список изменений:

  • Bug-fix