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Experimental HurtWorld


Список изменений:
  • Fixed vehicle inventories so they can no longer 'lose' items
  • Fixed a spawn point that was spawning players on top of a rock they could not safely leave
  • Fixed some town event markers appearing too small on the map
  • Added console command 'networkloglevel <off/error/warning/debug>' for controlling the network log filter on the server

Bandits have made camp in our new swamps. You can trade, bet in their casino, or even take them on with the new Compound Bow. This patch wipes the servers.

Bandit Town
Bandit Town is finally here. When exploring the island you will come across a foggy swamp, filled with wooden shacks and populated by bandits. The area contains several huts with merchant NPCs selling their wares, heavily armed bandit NPCs, and a dredge that contains a...
Experimental HurtWorld


Список изменений:
  • Added weather events to all biomes, these will affect temperature levels and player visibility
  • The starting beach area has a new tropical look and feel
  • Progression of gear has been rebalanced removing some items and combining others, crafting costs and protection levels have also been tweaked
  • Titranium Workbench Amber cost reduced (40 -> 20)
  • Titranium Workbench Shaped Titranium cost increased (20 -> 150)
  • Hurtworld now defaults to not allowing network messages from unconnected clients (should reduce vulnerability to DDoS attacks)
  • Added console commands 'setallowunconnected <0/1>' and 'dumpallowunconnected' for setting and checking whether network messages will be accepted from unconnected clients
  • Fixed the hitbox / hit registration issue introduced in (hit registration will be consistant again)
  • Fixed incorrect rarity on mega mine power and chop power fragments (rare -> legendary)
  • Added Jacket and Bomber Jacket as new vanity items
  • Added Machine Wrench to Titranium Workbench recipes
  • Reduced toxin build up rate from Mondinium resource nodes
  • Added line of sight checks to resource nodes so they should no longer despawn in front of a player
  • Fixed incorrect material assignment on Titranium Workbench (wood -> metal)
  • Fixed Heatproof Mining Drill returning Coldproof Mining Drill when disassembled
  • Heatproof Mining Drill can now only be placed in the Red Desert

  • Greetings Explorers! Terrain Editing is now added to Creator mode. Press F9 to access the Terrain Editing Screen, which includes the following features:
    • Basic Setting
      • Camera movement speed adjustment
      • Camera rotation speed adjustment
    • Paint Setting
      • Cube type selection
      • Paint brush shape
        • Circle
        • Square
      • Paint Size
      • Paint speed
    • Vertical Plane
      • Elevate
      • Lower
      • Flatten
      • Convex
      • Concave
      • Smoothen
      • Quick smoothen
      • Replace surface cube type
      • Fill
    • Arbitrary Plane
      • Elevate
      • Lower
      • Flatten
      • Horizontally smoothen
      • Vertically smoothen
      • Replace surface cube type
    • Revert setting
      • Enable revert preview
      • Revertible cube counts
      • Reverted cube counts
      • Revert
    • Foliage Painting
      • Enable foliage creation
      • Foliage weight configuration
        • None: non-foilage weight
        • Grass: grass creation weight
        • Shrub: shrub creation weight
        • Tree: tree creation weight