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We added a scientist protected compound, where players can gather and 'safely' do business. There's also scuba gear and underwater dive sites for you to explore, first-person clothing, and more. This patch wipes the maps, but your blueprints are retained.

We've added a new monument to the game: the Compound. This is a scientist controlled area intended to function as a safe zone, and there are rules:
  • No Weapons
  • No...

Список изменений:
  • New boat sounds
  • Scientists Compound Monument
  • Facial Hair Style 04
  • New chainsaw sounds
  • Added underwater rock formations
  • Projectile trajectory verification is now enabled by default (hack)
  • Added Diving Goggles - better underwater visiblity
  • Added Diving Wetsuit - cold/wet protection
  • Added Diving Flippers - faster water movement, slower land movement
  • Added Diving Cylinder - breathe underwater for 10 mins
  • Added dive sites and underwater loot crates
  • Added first person clothing
  • Local player footsteps are quieter than other players
  • Misc sound polish and mix tweaks
  • Improved Hair Textures and Materials
  • Improved Hair Dye Colours
  • ai_dormant true by default (server performance)
  • Improved Hapis offshore junkpile spawns
  • Improved Hapis Ch47 drop points
  • Added CH47 drop point to SiteA (Hapis)
  • Hapis Pumping station has slightly larger prevent building volume
  • Block player inputting items into elite crates
  • Block player inputting items into APC crate
  • High external walls and gates decay much faster when placed outside of TC range
  • Improved Ambient Occlusion
  • Improved underwater rendering
  • Improved CPU-side rendering performance
  • EAC SDK update
  • No longer broadcast effects to players in the connection queue (optimization)
  • Optimized radial RPCs
  • AI can reason about hostility marked players
  • Support for stationary scientists at Compound
  • Support for patrolling scientists at Compound
  • Scientists can now search for lost targets
  • Improved AI for mounted scientists
  • Stationary scientists looks at players that get close enough
  • Fixed animals spawning inside small cliffs on Hapis
  • Fixed some broken Hapis map sounds
  • Fixed nudity censor clipped by water surface; e.g. rowboat
  • Fixed crafting queue dropped item server crash exploit
  • Fixed multiple position ticks received in the same frame being ignored on the client
  • Fixed issue where AI dormant + server network caching would corrupt position timestamps
  • Fixed floating base build using triangular wall conditional models
  • Fixed server side stair collider rotation sometimes being incorrect after rotating
  • Fixed roof side exploits
  • Fixed fanned wall stacking exploits
  • Fixed foundation steps sometimes being unplaceable
  • Fixed speed resource gathering (hack)
  • Fixed speed swim and crouch (hack)
  • Fixed looting dropped items through walls (hack)
  • Fixed placing deployables through walls (hack)
  • Fixed damage through walls via head clipping (hack)
  • Fixed silent melee swing and attack (hack)
  • Fixed silent projectile impacts (hack)
  • Fixed sign upload lag (exploit)
  • Fixed rapid fire bow (hack)
  • Fixed unlimited oxygen (hack)
  • Fixed chat UI corruption (exploit)
  • Fixed crossbow attachments turning invisible when no arrow is loaded
  • Can no longer spears etc under water
  • Mounted players auto dismount if their head clips geometry
  • Can no longer mount moving boats if the boat has a driver
  • Junkpile scientists no longer hover over the ground
  • Junkpile scientists despawn with the junkpile
  • Scientist burst firing stop when they lose target
  • Fixed range consideration for mounted scientists
  • Fixed animal spawning where they would sometimes not come to life
  • Scientists should no longer crouch walk
  • Optimized the Geiger Counter
Experimental HurtWorld


Список изменений:
  • Players now have a safe temperature range within which their internal temperature will return to or stay at the baseline
  • When players are in an area outside their safe tewmperature range their internal temperature will change in proportion to how far outside the safe range they are
  • Safe temperature range starts at 10-25 degrees
  • Cold/Heat protection no longer dampens internal temperature changes directly but instead now increases the low/high temperature limits respectively
  • Nutrition no longer affects internal temperature directly, instead a 'well fed' buff is given when at 75% nutrition or above that gives +12 cold and heat protection
  • Cooked steaks now add a 'nutritious meal' buff for 5 minutes giving +12 cold and heat protection (this stacks with the well fed buff)
  • Added a thermometer UI to the side of the minimap window, this shows your current temperature limits and the current temperature at the players location
  • Temperatures are now consistent throughout daytime/nighttime with a very short transition between the two (this has changed from constantly blending between two extremes making the temperature constantly change and the cold/heat bar timers to always be incorrect)
  • Cold biomes are now cold during the day (not as cold as night but protection is still needed) and hot biomes are warm during the night
  • Increased several spawn rates in Sand Dunes
  • Added yeti variants to Red Desert
  • Shigis and yetis in Red Desert now drop strong animal pelt
  • Ultranium is now a sidegrade to Mondinium rather than an upgrade and has been made minable by the Titranium pickaxe
  • Increased Ultranium spawns in Red Desert and increased Mondinium spawns in Snow
  • Introduced a river of death on the Forest/Sand Dunes border, falling in instantly kills however the land bridge only applies radiation and can be crossed quickly
  • Added visual override slots to the character window, items equipped in these slots will replace the visuals of the item equipped in the equivalent base slot
  • Added rare statless items to town event loot, airdrops and rare creature spawns. These are designed to be used in the visual override slots
  • Gear items are now permanently amber protected
  • Beretta 9mm has new visuals and attachments
  • Beretta 9mm amber protection cost reduced (12 -> 7)
  • Added many new fragments and rebalanced fragment tier assignments, point costs and stat values
  • Fragment drop rates increased
  • Adjusted Bor hitboxes so they are slightly easier to headshot
  • Removed large no build area around ownership stakes that was previously used to reserve spawn space
  • Campfires can no be placed in no build areas
  • Extended no build and out of bounds to cover the entire wasteland area of the Mangatang
  • Removed ground flint and ground log spawns from all biomes except the start desert
  • Reduced blast furnace shaped iron cost (50 -> 30)
  • Increased rare creature spawns
  • Changed rare creature colors to be more obvious at a distance
  • Increased meteor shower spawns and decreased yield
  • Reduced iron tipped spear shaped iron cost (20 -> 10)
  • Iron workbench changed into Titranium workbench
  • Increased improvised bow pvp damage (20 -> 25)
  • Gasoline is now crafted individually (was 5 at a time)
  • Reduced storage locker shaped iron cost (40 -> 20)
  • Disabled torch sounds
  • Reduced Bor and Tokar spawn density around sand dunes landmarks
  • Translations have been improved
  • Fixed campfire temperature UI
  • Fixed biome particle effects not playing
  • Fix for Ultranium resource node's effect zone border stopping projectiles
  • Fixed binary effect tooltip timer
  • Fixed missing no build zones around town events
  • Fixed emission map not showing on tokar
  • Fixed Chemsuit mask removing players hair
  • Fixed Ultranium rich resource nodes appearing as standard resource nodes (rich nodes are spawned from meteor strikes)

Список изменений:
  • Добавлен корейский язык.
  • Увеличено время действие листков клайма с 1 до 3 часов
  • Уменьшено количество кристаллов необходимых для создания электроники от 3 до 1
  • Добавлена сера в Гоблинскую торговую площадку
  • Водные существа больше не умирают при развертывании из Пиксблока
  • Лог племени теперь корректно отображает информацию
  • Теперь дикие животные нападают на прирученных горгулий, элементальных големов и треантов.
  • Исправлена проблема с пистолетами, которые нельзя было правильно перетащить в необходимый слот.
  • Исправлена проблема с летунами, когда они пытались приземлиться самостоятельно.