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Список изменений:
  • Прибрежные волны теперь идут к берегу, а не от него.
  • Добавлен игровой автомат.
  • Скины бетонных баррикад и мешков с песком снова работают.
  • Небольшие улучшение пользовательского интерфейса.
  • Исправлена ошибка, когда карьеры добывали не те ресурсы.
  • Исправлены некоторые эксплойты.

  • Fixed an issue under some certain circumstances the server may crash down.
  • Fixed an issue where the Automatic Smithy may not auto craft items while controlled by the Central Control Unit.

Список изменений:
  • Upgraded to Unity 2019.1.4f1
  • Enabled incremental GC and integrated it with the custom GC logic
  • Server Browser shows wipe times
  • Can order server list by wipe time
  • Added in game item store

Horseback riding, Balance changes, a New UI and more!

Horseback Riding
Horseback riding has been added to the game.

This is only a first pass so it works in a pretty rudimentary way. Horses with saddles spawn in the world instead of the traditional horses. Eventually we'll add taming and hitching and armor and all that but first, let's just see how they function as a new means of transportation in the rust world!

Walk up to a horse and...