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Список изменений:
  • Added caboose casino train carriage
  • Added Project 17 burst fire pistol
  • New HLOD monument rendering system
  • Added a slight text shadow to item counts on belt bar to better stand out in bright environments
  • Disabled halloween
Список изменений:
  • Fixed a Linux-specific bug that deleted characters/worlds when moving them back and forth between Local and Cloud
  • Prevent joining servers from the main menu if incompatible server version right away (instead of loading and then kicking you back out)
  • More PlayFab tweaks
  • Enabled Jack-o-turnip seasonal decoration item
Список изменений:
  • Enabled Halloween Events
  • Enabled build a monster
  • Added Portals
  • Added Hockey Facemask
  • Added Cultist Deer Torch