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Патч Rust x64 2275>2279

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  1. 2274>2275

    Патч для обновления Rust версии:
    • 2274/5981394(17.12.2020)
    до версии 2275/6050907(7.01.2021)

    • Fixed some clothing casting incorrect shadows
    • Fixed respawn icons not properly merging when creating a combined respawn icon
    • Fixed push to talk setting not being respected when talking on a phone (if this is enabled you need to hold your push to talk key to speak into a Telephone)
    • Fixed some non English characters in player names causing display issues in the inventory
    • Fixed being able to slide open the windows of a locked armoured cockpit module that's directly in front of a taxi module that a player is riding in
    • Sleeping bags that are too close to another sleeping bag will now be tinted orange while placing (also affects Beds and Beach Towels)
    • Fixed some incorrect sound effects on the Telephone
    • Voice audio transmitted through Telephones now has some audio filters applied
    • Car lock info tooltips wait a while before showing up again
    • SAM sites no longer target hot air balloons that aren't inflated
    • Reduced research cost of T2 engine parts
    • Reduced weather event chances - more clear skies
    • Allow players to boost voices from the options menu rather than needing to use the console
    • Disabled Xmas event and craftable item
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