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Клиент Rust 2268 (12.11.2020)

Скачать Rust через торрент

  1. 2268 (12.11.2020)

    • Добавлены предметы "Стримерские наушники" и очки.
  2. 2267 (5.11.2020)

    • Added Telephone deployable and Phone Booths
    • Added left handed VM option with graphics.vm_horizontal_flip
    • Added Ranch Monument
    • Added Large Barn Monument
    • Added Saddle Item
    • Added Moustache Item
    • Added Weather - Rain, Overcast, Storm, Dust, Fog
    • Added Destroyable Road Signs
    • Added "server.logoimage" to specify a URL for a circular server logo (up to 256x256) Rust+ App
    • Added Taxi vehicle module
    • Fixed not being able to research a Hazmat Suit if it has the Space...
  3. 2261 (27.10.2020)

    • Включен хэллоуинский ивент.
    • Добавлена новая погода.
  4. 2260 (1.10.2020)

    • New deployable Elevator
    • Added Steam Networking (requires server to be launched with -swnet and -queryport)
    • Added server demo recording
    • Added desire trails to small monuments
    • Added additional side road connections to monuments (larger overall road network)
    • Fixed recycling stacks yield fewer resources than individuals
    • Fixed cargo ship lights not turning off during the day
    • Fixed invisible barrier across airfield rear door
    • Fixed glitchy interior door at airfield...
  5. 2256 (10.09.2020)

    • Исправлены вылеты.
    • Исправлены исчезающие сообщения в чате.
  6. 2256 (4.09.2020)

    • Fixed a number of sound effects having reduced quality.
    • Fixed getting stuck in large fishing village building via roof.
  7. 2256 (3.09.2020)

    • Upgraded to Unity 2019 LTS
    • New craftable Kayak vehicle
    • New craftable Paddle weapon
    • New craftable Storage Monitor
    • Fixed several issues / exploits with conditional roof pieces
    • Fixed water hit projectile exploits
    • Fixed harbors sometimes spawning next to massive cliffs, making them difficult to reach
    • Fixed junkyard rarely spawning on maps due to monument count / density limits
    • Fixed some workshop mesh downloads not working (doors specifically)
    • Powered Water...
  8. 2252 (6.08.2020)

    • Added triangular roof pieces
    • Added conditional roof corners
    • Added armoured passenger module
    • Added MidiConvar system
    • Wooden Barricade Cover
    • Added Mixing Table
    • Added Boosts system
    • Added berry plants
    • Added Tea items and recipes
    • Fixed several server DOS attack vulnerabilities
    • Fixed several hack / exploit vulnerabilities
    • Fixed server browser copy / pasting the query port instead of the connection port
    • Fixed roof weak side detection (now receive...
  9. 2245 (9.07.2020)

    • Добавлено "Летнее DLC"
  10. 2242 (2.07.2020)

    • Added Modular Cars
    • Added Airwolf
    • Fixed custom skins not appearing on third person models for most tools and melee weapons
    • Fixed some weapons not centering properly when aiming down sights on ultrawide resolutions (compound bow particularly)
    • Fixed tool cupboard getting destroyed if triangle spiral stairs were destroyed at other side of wall
    • Fixed world reflection quality 2 being too bright inside player buildings
    • Fixed roadside decor sometimes spawning on road at...