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Обновление Rust 2183 за 3.08.2019

Тема в разделе "Обновления", создана пользователем KosiakS, 2 авг 2019.

От KosiakS 2 авг 2019 в 15:10
  1. KosiakS

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    Команда форума

    11 ноя 2014

    Список изменений:
    • Added force triggers (excavator belts)
    • Added terrain anti hack protection
    • Added Excavator monument
    • Fixed binds not working with "cinematic_play" and "cinematic_stop"
    • Fixed "monuments" console command being abused to find caves
    • Fixed weapon reload issues at extremely low FPS
    • Fixed RF Broadcaster being placed through walls
    • Fixed being stuck when dismounting helicopter on top of Compound buildings
    • Fixed accidentally pressing "Create Team" while dropping items on low resolutions
    • Fixed text overflow on team dock when players have long names
    • Fixed team member map font being unreadable
    • Fixed large furnace placement under the terrain
    • Fixed scope overlay being extremely small on larger screen resolutions
    • Fixed misclicking accept would reject the team invite
    • Fixed hunters jacket skin being black
    • Fixed some volumetrics not disappearing during day time
    • Fixed broken train cart coal material on powerplant monument
    • Fixed some materials turning black on lowest shader levels in powerplant monument
    • Fixed duplicate networkable objects (e.g. doors) when playing demos
    • Fixed passengers being able to access minicopter fuel
    • Fixed horses eating too much food at hitching posts
    • Optimized some server side player packet verifications
    • Entity parenting triggers now support compound triggers and exclusion zones (excavator arm)
    • Removed large monuments and mountains on smaller maps (now limited to 3500 world size or larger)
    • Barren now has harbors, oil rigs and water wells
    • Barren prefab mountains no longer spawn in the desert
    • Allow deployables to be placed under Water barrel
    • Increased the cost of lowgrade at Compound
    • Increased server browser timeout limit to 90 seconds
    • Hapis Island fixes and tweaks
    • Optimized server-side water buoyancy
    • Optimized terrain shader
    • Исправлены вылеты на некоторых процессорах AMD при загрузке сцены (иногда asset warmup).
    • Исправлены срабатывание анти-хака в пещерах.
    #1 KosiakS, 2 авг 2019
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