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Команда форума

Список изменений:
  • Added Hardcore game mode
  • Better line of sight check when deploying sleeping bags and beds
  • Slightly better mesh level of detail and batching performance
  • Hapis Island: The two big road tunnels have been reworked and improved.
  • Trees should no longer block ziplines
  • Use a single pickup UI widget when hitting resources
  • Add global.consolescale convar to change font size in console
  • Distant gunshot sounds are more muffled and reverberant
  • The nailgun attack is quieter
  • Added a new option in the experimental settings to enable Optimized Loading for faster loading on SSDs
  • Fixed rail mesh sometimes not being completely smooth
  • Fixed exception at server startup on certain map seeds
  • Fixed edge case where player could receive fall damage after respawn
  • Fixed camera snapping after closing inventory on OSX
  • Hapis Island: Fixed roads surface clipping.
  • Hapis Island: Fixed all the little cliff holes we've identified and had reported.
  • Hapis Island: Various other bugfixes.
  • Fixed sprays lasting too long when sprayed indoors
  • Fixed "Too close to monument..." messages appearing incorrectly when attempting to build
  • Fixed some cases where changing spectator target while first person spectating wouldn't hide the player's body
  • Fixed not being able to delete items in UGC browser
  • Fixed players on train tracks sometimes parenting to an oncoming train instead of taking damage from it
  • Fixed Twitch Rivals trophy clipping through the world when dropped
  • Fixed Sign collisions
  • Fixed Small sign being unable to be deployed on boxes
  • Fixed Water flickering when using TSAA has been resolved
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