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Команда форума

Список изменений:
  • New water system
  • New Ferry Terminal monument
  • New driveable tugboat
  • Driver now visually holds and turns the wheel on the RHIB
  • Added turn on/off animations for torches
  • Shipping container skin meshes now batched
  • Caves lighting has been refreshed/fixed in areas where lights were too bright/too dark
  • Fixed voicemail failing to initialise properly when a cassette is inserted into a Telephone
  • Fixed some console warnings when listening to voicemails
  • Boom boxes that fail to connect to a streaming URL will now be able to reconnect to another URL if they are turned off/on
  • Fixed pools receiving too much water from sprinklers leading to excess water
  • Fixed Industrial Conveyor screen not showing moving items if those items were being stacked onto an existing item
  • Improved server performance with some problematic Industrial configurations
  • Fixed NVG screen effect scaling with UI scale, should now be consistent regardless of resolution or UI scale
  • Fixed torch/rocks skins not properly being applied on a fresh spawn
  • Fixed foot IK being applied incorrectly after being forcibly dismounted from a vehicle (eg. crashing a minicopter)
  • Fixed incorrect tooltip rendering
  • Fixed able to splash damage inside walls of shipping container walls with rockets from outside
  • Updated available radio stations
  • Fixed boat wake effects being framerate-dependent
В этой теме нельзя размещать новые ответы.