Valheim 0.217.28

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Список изменений:
  • Jack-o-turnip enabled. Spooky season!
  • New seasonal item: Pointy hat
  • Added a new “Render scale” graphics setting that enables the main camera to be rendered at a lower resolution than the viewport and UI
  • Improved automatic input switching so that connected gamepads with stick drift no longer take over control when playing with keyboard and mouse
  • Optimized code that determines which objects in the world to instantiate, lowering the baseline CPU time by up to 5%
  • Optimized structural integrity calculations, massively decreasing CPU time in areas with large builds
  • Optimized enemy AI
  • Optimized underwater logic
  • Re-enabled objects to have more than 255 KVPs of arbitrary data of the same value type (important for some mods)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause traps to trigger multiple times in multiplayer depending on how many players were near it
  • Engine upgraded to Unity 2022
  • Upgraded Steamworks.NET and PlayFab Party libraries to newer versions
  • Engine-side optimizations for dedicated servers
  • Tweaked boss spawning to prevent them from occasionally getting stuck when spawning
  • Fixed bug that caused clicking sounds when selecting building pieces via controller
  • Localization updated
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