1. KosiakS

    Valheim 0.217.14

    Список изменений: New NPC: Hildir the merchant New location: Hildir’s camp New location: Smouldering tomb (classic dungeon) New location: Howling cavern (classic dungeon) New location: Sealed tower (open dungeon) 3 new mini bosses World modifiers button added to start game screen with many...
  2. KosiakS

    Valheim 0.217.13

    Список изменений: "Quick stack all" hotkey added again by holding the use key when opening chests Increased the chance of starred Fulings to spawn inside Sealed Tower Fixed the R-stick shortcut for the Stack All button while you are browsing the player inventory Fixed an issue where the error...
  3. KosiakS

    Valheim 0.217.5

    Список изменений: New NPC: Hildir the merchant New locations World modifiers added 2 new crafting extensions New hair and beard styles New items Hair and beards are now visible when equipping helmets Various visual improvements Quick-stack button added Manual snapping for building added
  4. KosiakS

    Valheim 0.216.9

    Список изменений: Midsummer items enabled (Maypole & Midsummer crown) Many performance, memory and networking improvements for both new/unexplored and old/explored worlds World save file size greatly reduced Fixed endless loading of save manager when switching tabs too fast World save files...
  5. KosiakS

    Valheim 0.214.300

    Список изменений: Left handed mouse fixed Manual saving bug fixed Swap Triggers controller option added Text & UI fixes Performance & various bug fixes
  6. KosiakS

    Valheim 0.214.2

    Список изменений: Various fixes for the Mistlands Various menu and UI improvements Added manual save button Various performance optimisations Localisation improvements
  7. KosiakS

    Valheim 0.213.4

    Список изменений: New build piece: Hexagonal gate New item: Fishing hat Players can now “use” a trophy on ballistas to limit what it will shoot at Balance tweaks to various Mistlands enemies Mist torches are no longer a primary target for enemies Fixes to Mistlands dungeons and boss room...
  8. KosiakS

    Valheim 0.212.9

    Список изменений: Mistlands armour and shield recipes rebalanced and durability increased Staffs have rebalanced recipes and stats Ballista tweaks (Increased fire rate, sound effects added when shooting and losing sight of targets, tweaked targeting behaviour) Ballista ammo recipes made cheaper...
  9. KosiakS

    Valheim 0.212.7

    Список изменений: New biome – Mistlands New mechanics 9 new creatures + Mistlands boss More than 20 new crafting materials 2 new crafting stations, 3 crafting station extensions, and 3 other resource/crafting constructions 15 new food items 3 new potions More than 25 new craftable items...
  10. KosiakS

    Valheim 0.211.11

    Список изменений: Fixed a Linux-specific bug that deleted characters/worlds when moving them back and forth between Local and Cloud Prevent joining servers from the main menu if incompatible server version right away (instead of loading and then kicking you back out) More PlayFab tweaks Enabled...
  11. KosiakS

    Valheim 0.211.8

    Список изменений: Removed maypole & midsummer crown. Multiple server instances on the same computer is now allowed. The game launches with vulkan by default on Linux. Profanity filter fixes. Server DOCKER launch script added.
  12. KosiakS

    Valheim 0.211.7

    Список изменений: Crossplay support added ‘Manage saves’ GUI added so that it’s easier for players to restore/remove saves & backups Minor network optimization for in-game hosting (Less demanding for the host when other players are in the game at the same time) ‘Join Game’ tab has been updated...
  13. KosiakS

    Valheim 0.210.6

    Список изменений: Autobackup system added that will keep one 2-hour and one 12-hour backup by default and can be customised in misc settings. Default setting on dedicated servers is 4, which can be customised with new parameters (-backups -backupshort -backuplong). The game will now save after...
  14. KosiakS

    Valheim 0.209.10

    Список изменений: Maypole now enabled in the building menu Flower crowns! New banner colours (Orange, white, yellow and purple) Unity updated to version 2020.3.33 (should reduce crashes!) Tamed animals now follow the player into Haldor’s forcefield Tweaks to Yagluth’s hair so it no longer flies...
  15. KosiakS

    Valheim 0.208.1

    Список изменений: Fixed a bug where trolls would not get staggered correctly sometimes Map key legend fixes and remove map icon gamepad mapping set to LB Various small fixes to Frost Cave rooms Fixed a bug related to pausing after being in debugmode and changing server Upgrade function will now...
  16. KosiakS

    Valheim 0.207.20

    Список изменений: Suddenly… Frost Caves! Anniversary drinking horn added. Skål! Pause function in singleplayer Full controller support! (Gamepad legend and alternative glyphs) Gamepad text input when running through in steam big picture mode UI, settings and Steam Deck fixes FPS Limiter and...
  17. KosiakS

    Valheim 0.206.5

    Список изменений: Location music tweaks Abomination drop & spawn tweaks Localization updates Enabled clipping check when placing thrones Troll animations overhauled Tamed animals are no longer afraid of fire Peace and quiet (Tamed wolves no longer howl) Serverlist profanity filter Building...
  18. KosiakS

    Valheim 0.205.5

    Список изменений: Fixed network issue when picking up items that just auto-stacked Location music transition fixes Swamps music volume tweak Some player animation transition fixes Monsters wakes up if hit by a ranged attack Jump animation issue fixed Console command auto complete help Added new...
  19. KosiakS

    Valheim 0.204.4

    Список изменений: Jack-o-turnip cover offset fixed Spirit damage no longer affected by wet HP regen on mobs & bosses fix (They were previously regenerating HP faster than intended) Tar pits spawn fix (In some edge cases they spawned on the edge between two biomes) Unity engine updated (Fixes...
  20. KosiakS

    Valheim 0.203.11

    Список изменений: Oven & cookingstation drop food items when destroyed Gamepad sensitivity save fix Acorn & Birch seed drop rate increased Onion seed icon tweak Player number difficulty scale tweaks Removed comfort from Crystal wall Atgeir, Blackmetal axe, Bronze spear tweaks Lower melee weapon...