Valheim 0.217.46

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Список изменений:
  • Upgraded Unity engine to 2022.3.17f
  • Changes to how locations/dungeons/rooms are loaded and unloaded. For more information regarding this change, please see the FAQ
  • Fixed issue where Seasonal groups that extended over a year change wouldn't work in the new year
  • Fixed terrain modifications around locations not getting applied properly
  • Fixed bug where old pre-Mistlands terrain modification did not blend with newer modifications [Note! you have to run the “optterrain” command to update the terrain]
  • Fixed issue with the point emote not orienting the player properly
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to the blocklist
  • Fixed a bug where menu navigation via keyboard arrows keys stopped working after the setting menu was exited via ESC or back button
  • Fixed some UI elements to no longer flicker when the game is running at low FPS
  • Naturally spawned beds can now be removed using the hammer
  • Fixed a bug where Geirrhafa and Brenna would respawn after game restart
  • Turnip inventory stacking fixed to match other vegetables
  • Fixed missing text for Fermenter without a roof
  • Fixed hardcoded text for Kiln
  • Fixed a bug where weight for many items is not displayed for Turkish language
  • Fixed text in some languages not being centered vertically in the manage saves menu
  • Fixed items in merchants' stores not being centered
  • Fixed Sun shafts and Soft particles graphic settings not toggling properly
  • Low disk space warning improvements
  • Fixed a memory leak when highlighting building objects
  • Improve time to validate IP addresses which speeds up loading
  • Players can now find friends on Xbox/MS Store via friends tab in server browser
  • Fixed missing text when trying to use an item on a cartography table and windmill
  • Fixed an issue with Linux dedicated servers
  • Fixed window resizing when exiting settings
  • Elder no longer spawns on his altar
  • Optimised minimap to reduce FPS drops when having a lot of map markers
  • Fixed an issue with cloud saves on Microsoft Store
  • Weight text in UI Tooltips now show both individual weight and total weight for stacked items
  • Fixed a bug that caused 2 days to be skipped instead of 1 when only Xbox clients were connected to a dedicated server
  • Tweaked how camera rotation on gamepads behave [Now a lot more similar to how it behaves on Mouse/Keyboard]
  • Fixed inconsistent support calculations for “Cage floor” 1x1 piece
  • Fixed gap when placing banners
  • Fix items to no longer move in the inventory UI when upgrading them
  • Fixed creature position not updating properly when transferring ownership
  • Fixed an issue where blocklist would allocate 2GB of RAM, now it only allocates what is necessary
  • Fixed issues with boat ownership when a client gets disconnected
  • Boats no longer suddenly stop when ownership is transferred or a player is accessing the boat storage
  • Sails are now blowing in the correct direction compared to winds
  • Dealing knockback to an enemy in a slope no longer affects the player dealing the knockback
  • Gamepad and mouse now both behave in the same way
  • Added caching for minimap creation to make startup time faster
  • Portals are no longer connected after the connected portal is destroyed
  • Fixed an issue with loading threading to decrease load times
  • Show a warning if dependencies are not installed

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