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Клиент Rust 2190 (13.09.2019)

Скачать Rust последней версии.

  1. 2190 (5.09.2019)

    • Unity 2019.2.0f1
    • Players are automatically authed to placed cupboards
    • Benchmark mode fixes
    • Added powerline wires to Monument Puzzles
    • Added an in-game Screen options menu for resolution, fullscreen and vsync settings
    • Client is now using IL2CPP instead of Mono
    • Server is available as IL2CPP version on the "release-il2cpp" branch
    • World generation is now server authoritative (faster load times, more robust)
    • Added doppler shift to some sounds
    • Added texture...
  2. 2183 (1.08.2019)

    • Added force triggers (excavator belts)
    • Added terrain anti hack protection
    • Added Excavator monument
    • Fixed binds not working with "cinematic_play" and "cinematic_stop"
    • Fixed "monuments" console command being abused to find caves
    • Fixed weapon reload issues at extremely low FPS
    • Fixed RF Broadcaster being placed through walls
    • Fixed being stuck when dismounting helicopter on top of Compound buildings
    • Fixed accidentally pressing "Create Team" while dropping items...
  3. 2180 (11.07.2019)

    • Исправлен размер прицела на больших разрешениях.
    • Исправлен мелкий шрифт у имён тиммейтов на карте.
    • Лучше отображается текст длинных никнеймов в команде.
    • Лошади восстанавливают выносливость до полного значения во время еды.
    • Исправлена возможность доступа пассажира на коптере к топливному баку.
    • Исправлена серверная ошибка с ракетными турелями.
    • Новые эмоции (Любовь и счастье).
  4. 2180 (4.07.2019)

    • Added cinematic animations for video creation
    • Added player tick rate convars to the server
    • Added Streamer mode to options menu
    • Added new horse model and breeds
    • Added Hitch-Trough deployable
    • Added Minicopter fuel gauge
    • Added Minicopter pilot IK
    • Added 'hattip' gesture
    • Added a bunch of secret achievements
    • Fixed exploit to stack foundation steps
    • Fixed swamp fog too bright at night
    • Fixed water purifier disappearing after going out of network range...
  5. 2177 (22.06.2019)

    • Enabled skin unloading by default for everybody
    • Enabled the new multibox pruning broadphase algorithm for the physics system
    • Added 'gesture' console command
    • Fixed 'Ride Horse' being visible when someone is already on the horse
    • Improved network interpolation time offset calculation
    • Optimized the AI sensory system
    • Added skin memory usage to print_loaded_skins
    • Optimized the vending machine world UI (also affects the new Chippy arcade)
  6. 2175 (14.06.2019)

    • Прибрежные волны теперь они идут к берегу, а не от него.
    • Добавлен игровой автомат.
    • Скины бетонных баррикад и мешков с песком снова работают.
    • Небольшие улучшение пользовательского интерфейса.
    • Исправлена ошибка, когда карьеры добывали не те ресурсы.
    • Исправлены некоторые эксплойты.
  7. 2170 (6.06.2019)

    • Upgraded to Unity 2019.1.4f1
    • Enabled incremental GC and integrated it with the custom GC logic
    • Server Browser shows wipe times
    • Can order server list by wipe time
    • Added in game item store
    • Show when friends are on servers
    • Main menu has background videos
    • Sleeping bag list now scrolls
    • Players automatically climb over small steps
    • Added Horseback Riding 1.0
    • Fixed skin unloading texture and material corruption issues
    • Fixed light from the outside bleeding...
  8. 2164 (10.05.2019)

    • Исправлена работа скинов.
    • Мелкие фиксы.
  9. 2164 (2.05.2019)

    • Added granular skin loading (greatly reduces skin memory usage)
    • Added skin unloading (itemskinunload convar, enabled by default with less than 10GB of RAM)
    • Map uses less memory and can be zoomed out much farther
    • New Hunting Bow model
    • Fixed riot hat skin preview (workshop)
    • Fixed metal / spec material issues (workshop)
    • Fixed cave lift parenting trigger exploit
    • Fixed projectile line of sight exploit
    • Fixed several graphics issues with the Linux client
    • Fixed...
  10. 2163 (19.04.2019)

    • Добавлен пасхальный ивент
    • Добавлен античит SmartGuard
    Prcko Orascic нравится это.