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Rust 2218 за 18.03.2020

Тема в разделе "Обновления", создана пользователем KosiakS, 6 мар 2020.

От KosiakS 6 мар 2020 в 01:37
  1. KosiakS

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    Команда форума

    11 ноя 2014

    Список изменений:
    • Can equip a trumpet in Auto Turrets
    • New optional UI when playing demos (see demo.hud convar)
    • New admin/content creator commands to control weather effects on their client (adminclouds, adminfog, adminwind, adminrain)
    • New convar to set the cloud rotation (cloudrotation)
    • New admin/content creator command to disable underwater bubble effects (underwater_effect)
    • New replicated admin convar to change the ocean level for everyone on the server (oceanlevel)
    • New console command to add a value to a convar (for example, meta.add oceanlevel 0.1)
    • Add support for binding key combinations (for example, bind [leftshift+x] kill)
    • Added experimental Steam netcode
    • Added CCTV Camera support
    • Added Computer Station
    • Added Electrical Item information panel
    • Fixed blur effect staying on screen during a demo if the demo was playing back in slow motion
    • Fixed hostility flag being reset when you die and disconnect from the server
    • Fixed custom map markers disappearing when you die and disconnect from the server
    • Fixed some item info labels disappearing at odd window resolutions
    • Fixed demos failing to load if you have previously connected to a server without restarting the game
    • Fixed gun aim jumping after you finish shooting while mounted in a vehicle
    • Fixed igniter not igniting candles
    • Fixed downloading models from the workshop item editor when there's more than one model file
    • Fixed not being able to use demo.skip command once a demo has finished playing
    • Fixed exception when looking at entity that is returned to the pool
    • Fixed horse leaning exploits
    • Fixed sleeper parenting exploits
    • Fixed a seemingly endless amount of scrap transport helicopter exploits
    • Fixed even more explosive ammo, fire arrow and incendiary rocket exploits
    • Fixed various projectile trajectory exploits
    • Fixed exploits to create tool cupboards that belong to external / faraway bases
    • Fixed "changing network group to null" server warning spam
    • Fixed a number of IO entity networking glitches
    • Fixed AI weapon usage throwing lists from the memory pool to the garbage collector
    • Fixed several small client side projectile pooling issues
    • Fixed cargo ship sometimes spawning out of world bounds and immediately killing its scientists
    • Fixed cjk player names not showing in team dock
    • Fixed item name not showing in inventory under cjk
    • Shotgun traps now work in underwater caves.
    • Can now switch between multiple demos on the same map/seed without having to disconnect
    • Show a more helpful message when trying to build in a monument or too close to another building
    • Pressing escape now closes the report dialog
    • Road meshes now use several LODs (performance)
    • Roadside monuments can spawn next to both main roads and side roads
    • Place roadside monuments after all other monuments so they don't take space away from large monuments
    • Default world size is now 4250 (from 4000) to give monuments slightly more space to spawn in with the new ring road
    • Removed ring road from maps smaller than 4k since it takes away too much space

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