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Rust 2348 за 7.07.2022

Тема в разделе "Обновления", создана пользователем KosiakS, 8 июл 2022.

От KosiakS 8 июл 2022 в 01:07
  1. KosiakS

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    Команда форума

    11 ноя 2014

    Список изменений:
    • Added tiled cube prefabs for community map makers
    • Added chat filtering
    • Improved M39 DPS and recoil
    • Lowered F1 grenade fuse time to 2.5s (was 3.0s)
    • Shotgun slugs have reduced damage falloff
    • Achievement todo list is now disabled if game tips are turned off in the game options
    • Added a crosshair while free spraying with a Spray Can
    • Increased the default number of sprays per player (25 -> 40)
    • Can now Mute and Report players from the Contacts screen
    • Z/C/Y keys no longer control zoom when in free camera (replaced with debugcamera_zoomin and debugcamera_zoomout binds)
    • Added debugcamera_raise and debugcamera_lower binds instead of hardcoding to Q/E
    • Added physical camera convars for the debug camera
    • Added camera info overlay command for the debug camera
    • Kayak now faces away from the player deploying by default
    • Mailbox, BBQ, Medium Battery and Windmill now face toward the player by default
    • (CUI) Add support for vertical overflow on Text components
    • Updated player inventory idle animation
    • Added interaction sounds for small loot containers (food, medical, tech, ammunition, etc)
    • Updated generic loot crates with existing interaction sounds
    • Hapis Island: Added 3 new monuments
    • Jackhammer will hit hotspot every time without tap firing
    • Torch despawns after 30 seconds
    • Dropped backpacks will despawn after 30 seconds for rocks + torches
    • Streamer mode will hide map name in server browser
    • Can insert photos into mailbox
    • `benchmark_demo {demo}` command to run the benchmark on different demos
    • Can connect 'domain.com' without a port on the end
    • Servers will no longer show the name of the custom map, only "Custom Map" if they are running one
    • Optimized bulk loading assets from bundles
    • Improved hide blood option
    • Added hurt flash disable option
    • m249 is slightly more aggressive
    • HMLMG recoil is more aggressive
    • Lowered HMLMG durability
    • Increased HMLMG crafting cost
    • Using scopes on weapons now increases their recoil
    • Reduced blur/blood effects
    • Accuracy bonus removed from the silencer
    • Fixed first shot while ADSing sometimes playing the non-ADS fire animation
    • Fixed missing deploy sound for combat knife
    • Fixed missing sounds for smoke grenades and supply signals
    • Fixed missing crosshairs and camera movement while first person spectating
    • Fixed smoke grenade effects not working correctly with first person spectating
    • Fixed horses not properly moving with elevators
    • Fixed error with a particular configuration of items when making Low Grade at a Mixing Table
    • Fixed missing localization on progress bar when Hold to dismount is enabled
    • Fixed some deployable entities changing rotation every time they are selected on the belt
    • (CUI) Fixed some skin id's not loading correctly (PR#37)
    • Fixed some missing sfx on the Spray Can
    • Fixed an exploit when changing water quality
    • Fixed flashlights & laser needing to be turned on every time you equip them
    • Fixed exploit to steal attachments out of shop fronts
    • Fixed nodes & animals taking extra hits
    • Hapis Island: Fixed berries not spawning
    • Hapis Island: Fixed roadside spawns being overly scarce
    • Hapis Island: Fixed numerous other reported issues.
    • Fixed flashlights & laser needing to be turned on every time you equip them
    • Fixed exploit to steal attachments out of shop fronts
    • Fixed nodes & animals taking extra hits
    • Fixed animal headshots not playing hitmarker
    • Fixed exploit to let you keep last item in softcore
    • Fixed ability to shoot through armored window collider
    • Fixed exploit to keep shopfront standing when breaking wall frame
    • Fixed debris not created for walls on triangle foundations
    • Fixed research tables getting stuck researching

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