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Команда форума

Список изменений:
  • Added caboose casino train carriage
  • Added Project 17 burst fire pistol
  • New HLOD monument rendering system
  • Added a slight text shadow to item counts on belt bar to better stand out in bright environments
  • Snow Machine now has IO inputs (identical to Strobe Light/Fog Machine)
  • Added option to limit FPS in Main Menu to 60fps
  • Refresh respawn options if you've been assigned a sleeping bag while dead, no longer need to respawn and then die again
  • Added global.hideinteracttextwhileads to hide the interact text while aiming a weapon
  • Perf 6 shows total CPU time
  • Perf 7 shows unity's CPU time
  • Scrap helicopter driver marked hostile when crushing players in safe zone
  • Widened the trigger volumes on the work carts and locomotive, to allow for standing safely on the side rails
  • Fixed furnace workshop icons getting an unintended halo effect
  • Fixed Water Barrels and Fluid Switches draining 1 power when connected to a battery powered circuit
  • Fixed missing sfx when igniting/extinguishing the skull fire pit
  • Fixed some cases where the Research Table would show incorrect info when inserting tools from the Lumberjack pack
  • Fixed debug.showworldinfoinperformancereadout not working for non-admins
  • Fixed xor not reducing passthrough by 1
  • Fixed memory cell not reducing passthrough by 1
  • Fixed splitters not updating power when output is destroyed
  • Fixed nav mesh stalling server for 250ms when being generated
  • Fixed NRE in combatlog on modded servers
  • Fixed flashlight & laser attachments not working in turrets
  • Fixed team members not always showing up when giving auth on bags / turrets
  • Fixed missing colliders when modular car rear seats are placed at the front of the vehicle
  • Fixed a bug where train cars could merge inside each other after uncoupling
  • Disabled halloween
В этой теме нельзя размещать новые ответы.