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Команда форума

Список изменений:
  • Reduced minimum gap between pipe points
  • Can hold Shift to place entities on top of other deployed entities
  • Reworked Maximum and Minimum filter behaviour and added a Buffer mode
  • Added 3 more blueprint slots to the Industrial Crafter
  • Improved pipe generation performance and fixed pipes being regenerated too often
  • Added a green pipe colour
  • Added an extra slot for storage adaptors on the front of small boxes
  • Electric Furnace and Storage Adaptor performance improvements
  • Buffer transfers will now be cancelled if a conveyor is turned off or runs out of the item mid-transfer
  • Added a UI visualisation to show what buffer transfers are in process
  • Conveyors will now turn back on when they receive power if they were on when they lost power
  • Reduced volume of Industrial sounds
  • Industrial Crafter will now only make noise when it is crafting
  • Industrial Crafter will now pulse red if it’s output storage is full
  • Various server garbage collection improvements
  • Looking at another entity while an IO connection is solo’d will now maintain the solo visualisation
  • Fixed being able to place storage adaptors in places where they would intersect with other colliders (eg. top of a small box placed under a workbench)
  • Fixed some cases where blueprints wouldn't respect number based item filters
  • Fixed sometimes being unable to build in areas where pipes used to be
  • Ziplines should now be much less likely to kill the player if they collide with the terrain
  • Ziplines should now use alternate paths more often if the terrain is too close to the desired zipline
  • Fixed some cases where the Repair resources required UI wouldn’t appear when attempting to repair an entity
  • Fixed contacts button staying disabled permanently after connecting to a server with contacts disabled
  • Fixed water catchers no longer filling up with water when connected to a full water container
  • Fixed edge case where underground train tunnel entrance would not connect to underground train station
  • Various fixes for multithreaded networking
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