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    • Fixed Hatches dissapearing
    • Fixed Mozzy tilting backwards on exit breaking tail rotors
    • Added Ammo count to bow UI
    • Fixed road that hovered above the map

    • Fixed issue where you could hit yourself in the back of the head while moving forward with a melee item
    • Fixed a second critical low level networking issue causing everything to break after servers are online for a while

    • Added Talon Rocket Launcher
    • Added variable distance culling for vehicles allowing much longer draw distances on active vehicles
    • Fixed mozzy playing startup sounds when coming into range even if flying
    • Added steam trading cards, emotes and profile backgrounds
    • Improved anti rock exploit detection, enabled killing of players who are detected as well as reporting to developers.
    • Added end tier Asylum body kit for roach
    • Added a grace period where removing construction...

    • Fixed hatch race condition that could be used to push into rocks
    • Fixed emotes being used to enable equipment while inside vehicles
    • Fixed player map markers spamming errors
    • Temporarily disabled tether bow to investigate possible exploits
    • Further extended inside rock detection and reporting mechanism

    • Added Barra power boat
    • Refactored how loot drops during a helicopter crash. Now the mozzy corpse will collect all loot including player gear drops, amber claim and mozzy storage. Items will be dispensed on dissasembly. Death markers will only show where you died, not track your loot.
    • [MAP]Added 2 new town: Factory and Bandit Village replacing a bunch of duplicate towns
    • [MAP]Added NoBuilds back to the roads
    • [MAP]Added piers around the coast
    • [MAP]Patched a few Death...

    • Improved handling of Mozzy to be more predictable
    • Added profiling diagnostic info to help locate rendering bottlenecks
    • Reduced VRAM usage on lower end machines
    • Changed allocation of Items back to use pooled structures to reduce server spikes
    • Fixed issue with lod colliders popping in for towns
    • Fixed various build bounds issues with construction prefabs
    • Fixed crash caused by too many audio sources
    • Improved creature animation lodding

    • Added many new islands to Nullius map
    • Scaled mailand nullius down by 25%
    • Added Skoogler Creature
    • Re-added Antor hive with Antor Creatures
    • Added Bandril Creature
    • Re-added thornling Creature
    • Added Sabra creatire
    • Added Rafaga creature
    • Added Rocket pods attachment for Mozzy
    • Added 3 types of rockets (Mining, Combat and Raiding)
    • Added Iron Door
    • Added Iron Garage Door
    • Added Iron Floor
    • Added new teir of workbench: Fabricator
    • Added new metal...

    • Improved stability of tether system, tethers no longer have a force limit that can break them
    • Multiple players can now be connected to the same tether network
    • Improved the vehicle 'is entry safe' check for unsafe seats (fixes Kanga entering a state where entering it will instantly cause a crash)
    • Lengthened raid drill audio falloff (now matches legacy distances)

    • Improved several icon poses
    • Muzzle flash position for zero silencer fixed
    • Reduced MAC10 pvp and pve damage (20 -> 15)
    • Fixed broken ladders in hangar towns
    • Fixed broken heavy crafters in hangar/servo wars towns
    • Fixed inaccessible Kanga jump puzzles
    • Added camo mask patterns to Dappler and Vista reddot sights
    • Fixed using the Roach to peek through bases, Roach rear seat entry can now be blocked by other geometry and has its own connected passenger simulation so...

    • Added Mac10 gun and attachments to game
    • Added 2 new town events in start biome
    • Added swimming and oxygen mechanics as well as 'wet' binary effect
    • Updated graphics for sunscreen and poison sac
    • Fixed a race condition allowing door colliders to briefly penetrate players
    • Fixed many objects having the wrong material config (wrong impact particles + footstep sounds)
    • Updated Nullius map adding inland water features + fixing overpowered base locations
    • Added ultra basic...