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    • Improved several icon poses
    • Muzzle flash position for zero silencer fixed
    • Reduced MAC10 pvp and pve damage (20 -> 15)
    • Fixed broken ladders in hangar towns
    • Fixed broken heavy crafters in hangar/servo wars towns
    • Fixed inaccessible Kanga jump puzzles
    • Added camo mask patterns to Dappler and Vista reddot sights
    • Fixed using the Roach to peek through bases, Roach rear seat entry can now be blocked by other geometry and has its own connected passenger simulation so...

    • Added Mac10 gun and attachments to game
    • Added 2 new town events in start biome
    • Added swimming and oxygen mechanics as well as 'wet' binary effect
    • Updated graphics for sunscreen and poison sac
    • Fixed a race condition allowing door colliders to briefly penetrate players
    • Fixed many objects having the wrong material config (wrong impact particles + footstep sounds)
    • Updated Nullius map adding inland water features + fixing overpowered base locations
    • Added ultra basic...

    • Added timelock feature for servers that are only open during specific times of the day. This is a new feature we will be testing on official servers. This should make it feasible that regular people can be online for close to 100% of a servers uptime and be more competetive with players who can play all night. This should also reduce the chance of offline raids as there is a good chance most clans will have someone online during peak times.
    • Usage: timelock <starthour:0-24>...

    • Fixed recycler returning too few materials for several items

    • Being tethered now cancels any active emotes
    • The recycler now correctly accounts for recipes that output a stack of items (Fixes Landcrab mines and others having incorrect recycling returns)

    • Tethers now break when exceeding their force limit
    • All vehicle types are now destroyed when failing their 'out of bounds' check
    • Fixed a null reference issue in the crash system
    • EAC should now load correctly on Mac and Linux clients

    • Fixed the force position and visuals not matching up on tethers
    • Added a min tether length to prevent flying feedback loop on short tethers on vehicles
    • Fixed a bug where getting forced into a vehicle (or crash vehicle aka tether) would fail and kill you instantly and leave you in an invalid state
    • Fixed not being able to be tethered while holding a heavy slot item

    • Improved DDoS flood detection to reduce false positives
    • Fixed incorrect hitbox setup on land crab mines
    • Removed player collisions with poison traps (they still get triggered, this is just about restricting movement)
    • Tokars now drop poison sacs correctly
    • Improved camera positioning for crash 'vehicle'

    • Added new tethering system and tether bow item for tying players and vehicles together with rope
    • Added several new vanity items (these items have no gameplay stats and are visual only)
    • Added new 'Rebel' gear set replacing several items from the heat protection progression
    • The combat helmet has been converted into a vanity item
    • Added fake sleeper traps, these will explode when destroyed
    • Added fake airdrop trap, these will call in an airdrop when placed, the cargo...

    Обновлён EAC.