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Клиент HurtWorld V2

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    • Performance has been greatly improved
    • Potato mode has been added to graphics options for low spec computers
    • Fixed a bug preventing C4s and signs from being placed on surfaces that aren't aligned with the world axis
    • FR18 sniper has been replaced with the AWM Greybox sniper
    • Added new icon and world item for 9mm ammo
    • Added new icons and world items for vehicle engines and gearboxes
    • Fixed a bug where equipping seed items could recolor your hat
    • The resolution picker...

    • Fixed bug that would cause player items to be lost if they were in the server when it shutdown
    • Massively increased the vehicle chasssis spawn rate
    • Fixed UI performance issues caused by lots of sleepers being nearby

    • Fixed OpenGL shader support and added experimental Vulcan fallback support.
    • Melee cast raycasts now always use the first person cam position, this will stop being able to "Axe" you questions through walls.
    • Increased backpack storage amounts and reduced the spread of the random rolls.
    • Fixed spear not showing durability loss from throws
    • Fixed some naked ragdoll issues

    • Fixed bugs in compass so it shows nearby machines
    • Added health pack consumable
    • Tweaked loot tables
    • Added ammo to gun machines
    • Made more items scrappable and tweaked scrash return values
    • Fixed a bug where machines weren't syncing properly
    • Fixed a bug allowing extra items to be addded to the FR18 receiver
    • Rebalanced damage values on most weapons
    • Fixed a bug that was causing the player to take PVE damage from weapons
    • Added recurve bow as a possible drop from...