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    • Removing vehicle seats with players in them will act the same as vehicles being destroyed. Players will be kicked if there is space for them to get out, otherwise they will be killed.
    • Fixed the long standing bug where creatures would render client side a long way from their actual position if their last movement happened beyond your subscribed network cells.

    • Changed the way the bandage item works, now you click primary fire to start using the item, any movement will cancel the item being used (previously using the item would block any movement input)
    • Fixed a bug causing loot cache spawns to instantly despawn
    • Fixed a bug causing loot caches to spawn outside their explicit spawn locations
    • Changed vehicle and Antor node spawning mechanics, these spawns have been massively sped up on low population servers
    • Antor nodes no...

    • Added DartBugs and Antors into game
    • Fixed a bug where other players could appear as if they were emoting when they aren't
    • EasyAntiCheat version upgrade
    • Reduced crafting time of construction materials
    • Many new creature sounds have been added
    • SendBufferSize can no longer be adjusted on the client
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing the in game music playing
    • Added a consumable healing item to handcrafted recipes
    • Aggressive creatures will now drop loot again...

    • New Mangatang map with a new biome. You may now only build bases in the new central green biome and the starting biome. You may only place ownership stakes in the central green biome.
    • Fixed voice chat - Unity was reporting incorrect target frequencies for microphone input
    • Increased cull distance on vehicles and Yetis
    • Removed titranium cost from Beretta m9 recipe
    • Fixed a bug where storages could appear empty on spawn
    • Rebalanced mondinium costs
    • Changed how town loot...

    • Fixed a bug where the mesh baker wouldn't clear itself properly and multiple sets of gear could end up baked to a player
    • Fixed an exploit where construction hammers could remove machines from inside shacks
    • Fixed an issue where crashing a goat would cause the server to spam errors
    • Fixed a bug that disabled several animation transitions
    • Fixed a bug where vehicle claims wouldn't show in the vehicle UI
    • Vehicles now block doors from closing so they don't get stuck inside...

    • Adjusted workbench visuals to better match their names and reflect their colors in their icon
    • Fixed radiation effect not being removed
    • Rebalanced resource drop rates for higher level drops to stay in sane ranges, recipe costs have automatically adjusted to be the same time investment per item, just drop and cost numbers will be lower.
    • Player customisation options are now stored in server saves as well as the last configuration being stored locally. If no configuration...

    • Mondinium and Rich Titranium resource nodes in the snow biome are now mineable with the Titranium pickaxe
    • Concrete costs reduced by 2/3rds
    • Workbenches now return their correct type after disassembly
    • Bors in the second biome now inflict attack damage
    • The general crafter machine will now place correctly and won't turn into an ammunition crafter on your client
    • Roaches and Kangas can now be disassembled again
    • Standing under certain houses will no longer heal you...

    • Re-designed the entire progression
    • Most machines can be disassembled by the construction hammer once again
    • Enabled characer customisation preview
    • Added Mangatang map
    • Added hard radiation gating to biome transitions
    • Added AWM Sniper rifle
    • Added placeholder scout rifle
    • Added multiple workbench tiers
    • Added multiple tiers of clothing geared at each biome
    • Added yellow forest biome
    • PVP weapon damage now scales up on high tier creatures...

    • Added ability to craft entry level bow, cold protection, pick and backpack to the workbench in fabricator form. This allows you to progress if you can't find a blueprint early on that you need. Recipies are more expensive than researched blueprints.
    • New impact framework fleshed out with a ton new impact sounds for different scenarios
    • Added bullet and arrow whizby effects
    • Buffed PVE damage on wood bow
    • Fixed bug in equipment where proxy players wouldn't show their correct...

    • Fixed bugs causing hit impact sounds not to play
    • Fabricator machines can now be disassembled with the machine wrench
    • Items are no longer destroyed when running out of durability but instead go into a broken state until they are repaired
    • The researcher machine is now easier to find a legal spot to deploy
    • Shacks can once again be damaged with an axe