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    • Introduced new machine "Bed" which now acts as your spawn point instead of ownership stake. Respawning at a bed will cause all beds you own to be on cooldown for 3 mins. If you want to spawn at your bed before that time you can buy back with amber placed inside the bed. Spawning at noob beach is always available.
    • Crafting times have been removed, crafting is now instant and stackable items can craft multiple times at once
    • Items can now receive upgrades from consumable...

    • Fixed Item Duping Bug in Recycler (Proper fix this time)
    • Fixed spear doing stupid amounts of damage
    • Changed code structures to allow oxide plugins to have more control over chat messages

    • Recycler will no longer give back more resources when the crafting recipe output more than one item
    • Fixed various sounds not having a falloff profile, making them audible for 500m (Doors, Chests, Drills)
    • Reduced vehicle costs by a fair bit
    • Structure combination step on connection should be a lot faster
    • Increased amber drop rate
    • Nerfed Improvised Bow
    • Nerfed Iron Axe
    • Added new T3 Axe "Viagrax"
    • Reduced core drill volume by half
    • Reduced Owrong Spawn Density...

    • Air Drops were scaling based on player numbers to a rediculous frequency in full servers. This should be much more reasonable now.
    • Meteor showers were too frequent, slight nerf here.
    • Amber insurance drops on expensive items would sometimes drop more amber than the initial cost on death.
    • Servers would wipe on every restart.

    • Added Totems to Wood Workbench
    • Fixed not being able to get out of vehicles
    • Vehicle Air Drops now come driveable
    • Did a pass on the female characters

    • Added airdrops that spawn all over the map and drop valuable packages of weapons and gear
    • Added meteor strikes that spawn rare resources, incoming and active meteor strikes will be displayed on the map, WARNING: meteor strikes can damage bases!
    • Added craftable vehicle air drop beacons to spawn a vehicle via air drop
    • Heavy slot type items have been added to the game, the player can only carry one heavy slot item at a time and is slowed down and cannot use other items while...

    • Chat connection messages are no longer generated server side when ServerConfig.ChatConnectionMessagesEnabled is false
    • Fixed a bug in the mesh baking cache system (fixes disappearing objects)
    • Fixed a bug where vehicle wheels could be created with the wrong steering angle
    • Shacks will no longer spam warning notifications when their destroy timer is getting close to running out
    • Options are now clamped between their min and max ranges on game start and when loading saved...

    • Fixed an issue that was causing OSX to fail initializing the input system
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing bhopfriction from being set on server startup
    • Fixed a bug where AWM pointer tip was unable to apply its extra pvp damage
    • Unbound player actions now try to assign a default binding (fixes a bug where the open map action was defaulting to unbound)
    • Fixed a server side error in GenericDeviceUsableInterfaceServer
    • Player disconnection messages are now affected by the...

    • Added map, minimap and compass system
    • Fixed map issues where the road network didn't clear intersecting objects properly
    • Fixed a bug where undamaged resource nodes could appear cracked
    • Fixed a bug where the mesh baking system wasn't being cleared properly that could lead to partially invisible players
    • Added new item poses for weapon attachment icons
    • Fixed a bug where player renderer bounds weren't being set properly that could lead to the player being culled too...

    • Most clothing and some weapons now have a range of different looks, one is selected based on probability when the item is created. Some looks are much rarer than others
    • Items with internal storage (like items that can take attachments) can now be inspected through the right click context menu, this allows you to see what items are equipped in what slots and see their tooltips
    • Weapon attachments have been configured for the AR15 and AWM rifles, when an attachment is equipped...