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    • Vehicle beacons have been removed
    • Kangas, Roaches and Goats can no longer be destroyed (they can still be disassembled though)
    • Claimed vehicle inventories are no longer locked
    • Vehicle wheels can be destroyed again
    • Scrap has been removed
    • The vehicle crafter has been removed
    • The vehicle wrench is now crafted from the wood workbench
    • Claiming a vehicle will first unclaim any current claims of the same type
    • Map tracking added for claimed vehicles in close...

    • Fixed not being able to build with normal stake if you weren't in a clan
    • Fixed missing storm spawners
    • Fixed missing vehicle spawners
    • Reduced storm spawn frequency and duration
    • Added teleportmarker admin console command
    • Fixed some broken roads in nullius
    • Fixed Linux EAC hashing
    • Fixed Locker LOD issues

    • Added territory control points all over the map that reward clans with PVP points
    • Clans are now ranked in the clans screen by points accumulated
    • Added new territory c4 for raiding territory control points. This is far cheaper than normal c4
    • Increased wood drop rate
    • Fixed bug where you couldn’t zoom the map if hovering over a marker
    • Redesigned clan totem
    • Updated campfire visuals
    • Updated fire pit visuals
    • Updated locker visuals
    • Updated c4 visuals...

    • Added new town events to Nullius
    • Added FR18 bolt pull rifle
    • You can now delay the bolt pull on the AWM and FR18 by holding the fire button, this lets you watch the bullet drop to help you sight in long distance shots
    • Added camoflague mask for all guns
    • Added 12x scope for AWM
    • Removed add pocket fragments
    • Removed zoom amount fragments
    • Added bow scatter shot fragment
    • Removed bow extra shot fragment
    • AWM pvp damage increased (70 -> 85)
    • AWM bolt pull time...

    • Fixed vehicle inventories so they can no longer 'lose' items
    • Fixed a spawn point that was spawning players on top of a rock they could not safely leave
    • Fixed some town event markers appearing too small on the map
    • Added console command 'networkloglevel <off/error/warning/debug>' for controlling the network log filter on the server

    • Added weather events to all biomes, these will affect temperature levels and player visibility
    • The starting beach area has a new tropical look and feel
    • Progression of gear has been rebalanced removing some items and combining others, crafting costs and protection levels have also been tweaked
    • Titranium Workbench Amber cost reduced (40 -> 20)
    • Titranium Workbench Shaped Titranium cost increased (20 -> 150)
    • Hurtworld now defaults to not allowing network messages from...

    • Fixed a bug in the item display data manager that could cause it to crash and never recover (Fixes items failing to render and world items falling through ground)
    • Improved physics performance (server and client)
    • Fixed several console commands throwing errors when invoked during server start up
    • Improved how steam ID sessions are recorded, should help "Active session with same SteamID" issue
    • Fixed an issue where players could get into a loop where they would constantly...

    • Vehicles can now be claimed without any parts installed
    • Fixed a bug where the amber cost could still be consumed when failing to claim a vehicle
    • Added extra placement validation to shacks to ensure their spawn point does not overlap into level geometry (eg. inside rocks)
    • Shacks will be unavailable as a spawn option if something (eg. C4) is blocking the spawn point
    • After upgrading an amber protected item the upgraded item will not drop its amber cost on the first death...

    • Fixed construction duping bug
    • Client side torch performance improved
    • Increased vehicle chassis spawn rates
    • Increased vehicle part drop chance from chassis disassembly
    • Improved basic rock resource node visuals at low level of detail
    • Amber insurance drops from owned vehicles no longer despawn due to time out
    • Fixed various small map issues

    • New map "Nullius"
    • Meteor shower spawn locations restricted to map focal points
    • New world we call "Nullius"
    • Increased detcap drop rate
    • Removed iron+titranium showers form snow and red desert
    • Completely rebuilt all biomes for map "Nullius"
    • Increased iron+titranium shower frequency but reduced meteor count
    • Made resource spawns more more clustered as you progress through the world. Some areas have none, some have heaps, get yo explore on.
    • Fixed owrong farming...