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Клиент HurtWorld V2

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    • Исправлены эксплойты.

    • Improved camera collision detection again to stop players peeking into bases
    • Fixed construction placement validation volumes on several construction pieces
    • Fixed some layout issues in clan UI
    • Added an extra player volume to sleepers so construction validation checks against them are identical to players
    • Items with durability can no longer be recycled
    • Halved Beretta 9mm Pistol fire rate
    • Fixed players occasionally respawning at vehicles instead of their chosen...

    • Big improvements to targeted DDOS attack protection
    • Fixed Emote crouch bypassing stand up check and being used to get into rocks

    • Permanent fix for OSX crash from network API bypass
    • Item invalidation / creation no longer allocates a ton of serverside allocations
    • Removed a ton of redundant map marker network objects
    • Ported object event subscriptions away from delegates to reduce allocations
    • Reduced max CPU usage of weather systems and spawn director

    • Added a heavy storage rack for storing heavy slot items
    • Improved DDoS protection
    • Added MinSpikeDebugTime console setting that will configure how often warnings for long frames will be output. Defaults to 5 seconds, will output a warning whenever a frame takes longer than the time (in seconds). If profiling server performance, a value of 0.5 should provide some good insight. We are curious what the max these spikes get up to on community servers
    • Added invert pitch option...

    • Fixed an issue with MacOSX version not being able to connect to servers
    • World item generation refactored and performance improved (should help with item falling through world issues)
    • Mozzy chassis can now be recolored and will accept Mozzy paint masks
    • Improvised bow can now be recolored
    • Improved camera near clipping plane collision detection (fixes being able to peek into bases by placing your camera at strange angles in third person perspective)
    • Fixed race condition...

    • Deferred spawn system no longer starves players that joined the game late of entity spawns
    • Removed Low Ram Mode from launch options and added to options menu
    • Added automatic Low Ram detection
    • Fixed options not saving on restart
    • Heavily optimised meteor showers and cargo plane network traffic
    • Removed nonsense numbers from "debug 1" text
    • Removed a ton of useless server debug messages
    • Server is now forced to use low ram mode
    • Crunched a bunch of level textures...

    • Removed default ping filter from server browser. Server browser pings are often inaccurate, use in game ping as indicator through 'debug 1' in console
    • Added Low Ram Mode as launch option
    • Disabled turning off EAC
    • Beds can now be placed without build rank on clan ownership cells if you are part of the clan
    • Added ping indicator in debug text (f1 -> debug 1)
    • Fixed door costs being out of sync with UI

    Релиз V2

    • Fixed issue where vehicle chassis spawning inside towns would later be automatically removed
    • Fixed vehicle map marker tracking not updating properly
    • Fixed handcrafting window not always opening as a fallback for the interaction tabs
    • Player character customisation is now updated before respawning (fixes gear visuals from the wrong gender being applied)
    • Removed vehicle protection fragments from all loot trees
    • Roaches are now properly immune to explosive damage...