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Rust 2365 за 1.12.2022

Тема в разделе "Обновления", создана пользователем KosiakS, 2 дек 2022.

От KosiakS 2 дек 2022 в 00:10
  1. KosiakS

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    Команда форума

    11 ноя 2014

    Список изменений:
    • Added a static train caboose with Blackjack, Poker, and Slots to Outpost
    • Added Burst toggle
    • Flashlight tool can be toggled (uses toggle light bind)
    • Added a Clone/Pick/Remove all option when looking at plants in a planter
    • Modular cars now use keycode locks instead of keys
    • If an instrument doesn't have a note assigned to a MIDI code, it will now be silent
    • Improved MIDI code assignments for drumkit
    • Increased instrument note range on Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Jerry Can Guitar, Flute, Trumpet and Xylophone
    • Improved effects for thrown snowballs
    • Fixed swap item interaction when dragging a non-cassette onto a portable boom box
    • Added coloured icons for berry clones
    • Adjusted colour of hemp in Ripe stage to differentiate it from other stages
    • Improved layout of slot machine payouts
    • Can no longer throw Beancan Grenades, Molotovs or Smoke Grenades underwater
    • Molotovs and Beancan Grenades no longer explode underwater
    • Added a small icon on the belt bar if a weapon's light attachment is active
    • Improved Blackjack gameplay flow
    • Added LODGroups to the few remaining primitive cubes (for modders) that didn't have them
    • Updated deploy guide for T3 workbench - now shows the entire model for more precise placement
    • Updated deploy guide for high stone gate - now shows doors rotated in the direction which the gate opens
    • (Community UI) Added ability to destroy ui within AddUI rpc (PR#40, thanks Kulltero)
    • Removed car parts spawns from non vehicle junkpile spawns
    • Stone spear cheaper to craft
    • Reduce stone spear crafting time (10 seconds)
    • Removed stone spear from elite/hackable crates
    • Hot Air Balloon storage increase 12 -> 18
    • Boat storage increase 12 -> 18
    • RHIB storage increase 30 -> 36
    • Submarine storage increase 12 -> 18
    • Reduced underwater labs to 1 from 3
    • Underwater labs always now generate large variants
    • Updated Heli Loot tables
    • Increased Oilrigs reset timers
    • Cargoship events less frequent
    • Miner's hat now offers better protection values
    • Allow rotation of roofs blocks before placement
    • Garage door no longer requires a hammer to be equipped to be picked up
    • Removed condition pickup from Garage door
    • External walls and gates can now be rotated 90° instead of 180° before deployment
    • Added external wall and gate debris blockers
    • Added diesel spawns at Water Treatment Plant, Power Plant, Military Tunnels, Junkyard, Airfield
    • Reduced the crafting time for all grenades
    • Reduced the crafting time for embrasures
    • Fixed BBQ static hidden having incorrect slots
    • Shotgun slug now does 50% damage at 40 meters+ instead of 75% damage at 80+
    • Shotgun slug does 100% damage from 0-20m instead of 0-10m
    • Added fire mode toggle bind
    • MP5 and LR have inbuilt burst module
    • Burst module lowers aim cone slightly
    • Bushes at Junkpiles now block AI line of sight
    • Junkpile Scientists are now more defensive in nature
    • Reduced Junkpile Scientist aggro range
    • Animals no longer roam directly to be beach locations
    • Polar bears now only roam to tundra and arctic locations
    • World food items can now be eaten directly from the ground using a new radial menu option
    • Can right click items into the repair bench to swap them
    • Show "X Days" of upkeep rather than ">72 hours"
    • Increased despawn time of HQM ore, aiming module, MLRS rocket, HE grenades, sam site, beancans, grenade launcher, metal ore
    • Optimized turret performance on server to prevent them lagging and not targetting players
    • Patrol helicopter will no longer fly around safezone monuments
    • Show "you died first (REASON)" rather than "projectile_invalid" if you died first on the server
    • Can use "unlockall <steamid>" command on other accounts now
    • Fixed drumsticks sometimes floating in air after dismounting drumkit/xylophone
    • Fixed boomboxes getting into a permanent loop when framerate gets too low (some stuttering may still occur)
    • Fixed muted players still being audible if they are using a megaphone
    • Fixed water jug errors while first person spectating
    • Fixed vagabond mission objectives sometimes spawning underneath the map
    • Fixed several incorrectly assigned note issues on various instruments
    • Fixed player name label not showing when obscured by Snowman headwear, Pumpkin headwear, Nomad Suit backpack, Arctic Suit backpack etc
    • Betting wheel terminals now make sure they're only assigned to a maximum of one wheel - whichever wheel is closest to them (for custom maps)
    • Fixed armoured vehicle module windows not opening/closing on the client side when the vehicle is idle
    • Fixed modular car central locking switch not updating visually when the vehicle is idle
    • Fixed modular car module parts not falling off immediately when taking damage while the vehicle is idle
    • Fixed Caboose not shutting off the lights anymore when there's no-one nearby
    • Fixed slot machine null reference exception if player dismounts during a spin
    • Fixed error when joining a server after disconnecting from a server while the tech tree was open
    • (Community UI) Fix images loaded from web using a low Mip level (PR#43, thanks Kulltero)
    • Fixed elite create inventory item spawns amount exceeding available inventory slots
    • Fixed supply drop red siren (light) animator culling close range
    • Fixed baseball bat available in loot tables
    • Fixed chairs leaking to the world origin
    • Fixed BBQ static hidden having incorrect slots
    • Fixed IO entities unable to be placed near floors
    • Fixed IO entities able to be clipped into building blocks
    • Fixed Press Button sending 2 pulses of power when passthrough is connected
    • Fixed crude being stuck "on fire"
    • Fixed shop front right clicking into 2nd slot
    • Fixed progress bars getting stuck on output items in small furnace
    • Fixed various UI being very small on 1440p, 4k+ resolutions
    • Fixed patrol helicopter getting stuck at fishing village on various seeds
    • Fixed deployables (garage door, shotgun trap, etc) taking components to repair with hammer

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