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    • Re-designed the entire progression
    • Most machines can be disassembled by the construction hammer once again
    • Enabled characer customisation preview
    • Added Mangatang map
    • Added hard radiation gating to biome transitions
    • Added AWM Sniper rifle
    • Added placeholder scout rifle
    • Added multiple workbench tiers
    • Added multiple tiers of clothing geared at each biome
    • Added yellow forest biome
    • PVP weapon damage now scales up on high tier creatures
    • EmoteManagerServer.BeginEmoteServer now makes sure emote index is in range
    • Fixed standard roach engine being the wrong slot type (is now roach engine instead of roach paint mask)

    • Improved accuracy of the inside rock check
    • Fix for item custom colors not serializing the alpha channel properly
    • Added console command 'teleport <x> <y> <z>' for admins to warp to a specific position
    • Swapped positions of stone and iron ore in the Automatic Red Drill loot tree, stone now drops more frequently than iron ore
    • ServerConfig.ChatDeathMessagesEnabled now works correctly again
    • Most machines can now be picked up / disassembed with the construction hammer removal option
    • Fixed a bug where wood log resource nodes weren't showing cracks when being harvested
    • Added a new scaled PVE damage type which applies damage to creature types evenly, ignoring health scaling due to progression (its like PVP damage for creatures)
    • Fixed crafting icons not displaying custom colors
    • Added scout rifle weapon type which is a fast firing, semi-auto rifle
    • Reduced bow refire and draw back speed back to legacy levels
    • Construction hammer attachment points no longer show in owned cells you aren't authorized on
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