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    • Mondinium and Rich Titranium resource nodes in the snow biome are now mineable with the Titranium pickaxe
    • Concrete costs reduced by 2/3rds
    • Workbenches now return their correct type after disassembly
    • Bors in the second biome now inflict attack damage
    • The general crafter machine will now place correctly and won't turn into an ammunition crafter on your client
    • Roaches and Kangas can now be disassembled again
    • Standing under certain houses will no longer heal you
    • Reduced owrong seed world item size and fixed missing construction hammer mesh when equipped
    • Increase speed that tools lose durability
    • Fixed fail hit response on vehicle deconstruction
    • Rebalanced vehicle wrench durability
    • Rebalanced gasoline cost to require less ash
    • Fixed machine icons in workbenches
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